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  1. mysli

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    Hey WW2 Fans, today i will show you my new Sten Mk. II configuration with a real steel No.4 Mk.I stock attached.... And some other goofies Also worth noticing, i made another barrel thats about ½" longer than the original in black anodised aluminum (made 100% from scratch) to cover up my new prometheus inner barrel. Tell me what you think Also, here's the links to all the pictures in hi-res http://peecee.dk/upload/view/407962/full http://peecee.dk/upload/view/407963/full http://peecee.dk/upload/view/407964/full http://peecee.dk/upload/view/407965/full http://peecee.dk/upload/view/407966/full http://peecee.dk/upload/view/407967/full http://peecee.dk/upload/view/407968/full http://peecee.dk/upload/view/407969/full http://peecee.dk/upload/view/407970/full
  2. mysli

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    Seriously, that is the coolest airsoft M1 Carbine i have ever seen, props to you

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