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  1. Nevermind I didnt realize the disassembly lever was broken

  2. Still have that kwa 226 for sale? i can do 85 shipped

  3. Are you interested in any trades? I have a full metal ksc g26c fired prolly around 50 rounds with it. 1 week old

  4. Here's my baby Maru500 with real steel heat shield, side saddle and 12g rounds.
  5. awesome seller, shipped quick.

  6. New member of the family: INOKATSU AIM bought off of Black Ops...great seller
  7. I have that one...but I thought it was aluminum...not only the fit was horrible, it gets filed away piece by piece and your gun will be filled with small strips of debris from the barrel...happened to anyone?
  8. It says STEEL though...the WE is in fact POS pot metal. I had two already and both failed miserably.
  9. http://www.airsoftpost.com/matrix-steel-th...ck-p-30773.html Looks like you can put a suppressor on your 4.3 now! I hope this is high quality material
  10. Good Seller! Got the item quickly.

  11. Damn I want a heatshield on my 870...but I have the folding stock version so it wont fit right? Also where can i get a cheap nylon side saddle for shells?
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