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  1. gah. Delays after delays. I think production should start tommorow and take a couple days. then I have to hound my webmaster into helping me get them onto the site. I may be putting together my own website addition in the interim which will be a decided break from the usual look of my site. My work is significantly kludgier looking than my webmasters work. Old dog new algerbra problem. I can gnaw stuff out of metal and plastic, but the last time I tried to machine a webpage, things went funny.
  2. Well, you print the volume of a containers contents in the sold state. A can of pop contains 341mL even though the gas dissolved in the pop expands past the initial volume of 341mL. 1000mL has nothing to do with the contents of green gas cans. It's an arbitrary value slapped on. The contents of GG cans is not equal to 1000mL inside the can and it expands well past 1000mL if you inflate a bag with it. Sorry, I don't know of any retaillers of propane who ship to France.
  3. 400g = 14.1oz Green gas cans are marked with 1000mL which is pretty bogus. I posted on another forum about this awhile ago: http://www.airsoftcanada.com/showthread.ph...ht=taiwanese+mL I later weighed the difference between new and empty GG cans and found that cans contain around 270g of propane which is significantly less than the 400g (bernzomatic cans) or 465g (coleman brand) fill mass in fuel propane tanks. Even if you don't believe the weight difference results, measure the exterior dimensions of a green gas can and you'll find that they can't even contain 1000mL of v
  4. I can't say I really know. I got the gun in nearly perfect condition, but it didn't come with a mag. The gun was thrown in as a deal sweetener for a much larger deal so I knew it didn't come with a mag. Finish is pretty good. It's still a bigass hunk of plastic. Even if it had a mag, I don't think I'd play it. Huge size isn't really come with commensurate battle worthiness. The PKII with grenade makes ppl duck when I have to pull out my secondary.
  5. I call it "Reason". Nobody likes to argue with Reason. Mounted MM165bb grenade with modified pull trigger. Custom trigger components connect to pull trigger instead of the usual push plate. If someone annoys me, I give them the middle finger. A square Guarder RDS helps me point it the right way. Some of my WA collection on a prototype cardboard pistol rack. Second try on the rack is a lot better. A couple of these guns have been sold and replaced with some of the new hotness SCW line. From left to right on the rear view pic: -SVI 3.9" two tone
  6. MadMax

    Small man or Big cup?

    Well, I figured that if I was going to be donating blood, I'd give the other guy something else to feel better too.
  7. MadMax

    Small man or Big cup?

    This cuppa chilli is definitely an IED. If you're really dehydrated it helps to drink something bigger than your head.
  8. Best Shaun of the dead impression: You got a bit of red on you. People tell me that I write like sh*t.
  9. Sorry, more rocket captions. I wish I though about these before I posted other two<br /><br />-"He was in the middle one..." John Cleese circa 1970 -"Rocket jump?! This is a wall hack." -"Open Sesame!"
  10. *wiggles 3 fingers* This is my safety. Alternatively: "Hmm... Keep finger out of trigger guard. Keep weapon pointed in safe direction. What the heck is safe direction for these things?" "I love this job. Fire off rocks to my hearts content. Hawk fancy fibreglass tubes on Ebay to silly airsofters with money to burn."
  11. Regulations require that pressure vessels be overengineered for the contents that they store for a few reasons: -containers should handle some degree of forseeable abuse (dropping onto sharp cornered objects, slight crushing) -containers should not overpressurize and explode under plausable circumstances (e.g. forgotten in/on a car on a hot summer day) Coleman IS required to provide significantly overengineered pressure vessels because they are consumer items which are widely distributed. Consumer goods are expected to not be a threat to the public in case of shipping accidents or
  12. Thanks for a well photographed and well researched review Arnie! Good range of guns tested on the chrony too. I'm impressed with the consistency of the KSC USP. As to exploding cans, proper propane cans are a very safe design. Instead of exploding, their relief valve farts out a bit of propane. It's better not to overheat a tank in the first place, but a leak is certainly safer than an outright explosion. If I remember right tank valves are set to relieve when the tank exceeds 250psi (corresponds to about 125F or 52C). This pressure is called the "test pressure". If you're
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