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  1. New additions to my OPFOR bin, two jungle shirts
  2. When you can't find what you want, make it...or have it made -Ferro Concepts Custom Webbing -FF Double Mag Pouches -PPI Smoke Pouch -TT Smoke Pouch -EI 200rnd SAW Pouch I'm probably gonna swap out the smoke pouches for Ferro's, or atleast make them both TT...and add a hydro sleeve to the back.
  3. My chest rig for work; -EI RRS-V -PPI Smoke Grenade Pouch -EI 200rnd SAW Pouch -Fireforce Double Magazine Pouch -Maxpedition Rolly-polly
  4. Haven't seen it in hand yet, but the email stated that issue should start this summer (so I'm betting next winter in reality..). Personally I'm looking forward to it, the listed features are going to be very nice for the field. Flat chest pockets, a mandarin collar and arm pockets for the shirt. The trousers don't really hold too much aside from the kneepad sleeve and bungee drawstring... There's also the under-armour shirt (similar to the British UBACS as far as I can tell), the new modular rig (the two trial rigs are the TT MAV and SORD Chest Rig) and we're finally switching to brown
  5. My current pack collection, L-R; Mystery Ranch/Camelbak NICE Frame, Mystery Ranch/Camelbak Scorpius, Mystery Ranch 3DAP, Mystery Ranch Timberwolf and NICE STRLLS Frame, CF 1964 Pattern Rucksack I do have my issued packs aswell, but I don't use them
  6. Negetive, this is; Back in November, two days before the first snowfall...
  7. Where's my gear Ryan? Its been nearly a year

  8. I already PM'ed you, but it's good for anyone else wondering; Check out SMERSH, it's a Russian beltkit that is built similar to the newer 'airborne' webbing.
  9. My tacvest before going to the field last month...I just wish I could've found my thermos
  10. Scored an EI DFLCS MME pack last month, just in time to pack it for the holidays This is now replacing my BHI 3-day Assault Pack (and I suppose my issued daypack for all intensive purposes). Right now I've got an M60 pouch on one side, and a TT hardcase and HSGI frag pouch on the other. I snagged some LBT M60 pouches though so there will be a movement and new pictures later
  11. CF P64 Ruck Frame CF P82 Valice and Air Mattress/Carrier CPGear 64 Bag (old gen) CPGear Yoke, Shoulder Straps, Kidney Belt and Compression Panel (new gen) Blackhawk 3-day Assault Pack I used both packs in the field these past two weeks and the Blackhawk pack was more a pain to use then my issued day pack, so I'm gonna search around for a Camelbak bag and see what I find.
  12. The only improvement I could make would be a heavy barrel on your AEG... Elsewise, good job!
  13. There's also Dropzone Tactical in Edmonton, I've got one of their old recce smocks and damn, do I use it everytime I'm in the field now
  14. The bivvies are one of my favorite pieces of kit for the field, ALWAYS in my ruck and they're long enough that they can still fit my long *albartroth* inside!
  15. Very nice, how's the balance with the rifle mags on there?
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