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  1. From what I remember of the first gen R36s: 100% clones of the WE Nozzle isn't great, can be a bit fragile, but the WE is a drop in replacement Stock Hop up rubber is pretty gash, would replace with a maple leaf Magazines generally good but sometimes come out of the box with leaks, in most cases simply a case of strip down, regrease, rebuild
  2. Big GBBR mags tend to be very good for that as they have proportionately a much higher ratio of gas to bbs. I've been trying to get a look at the internals of the magazine, I had hoped that with all the space available you could get a GHK style dual chamber design in for more reliability.
  3. You legend. Absolutely spot on with both fixes.
  4. NEEEEEEEEEECRO Got one of these in for a few fixes, got everything sorted bar two issues: 1) The internal gas tank will vent out of the top when you change magazines 2) One of the magazines is leaking out of the outlet valve and nothing I've tried so far has fixed it Does anyone have any ideas?
  5. Maple Leaf Crazy Jet barrels are designed to fit WE GBBs and TM GBBs, they have the extra cuts.
  6. I swapped my full size MP5 hop and barrel out and there was no issue - the only thing is you need to switch both the barrel and hop up rubber at the same time as the new WE cut has different internal dimensions, even though the external dimensions are the same as the usual TM/WE. I'd recommend a MapleLeaf Crazy Jet barrel and a 50 deg Super bucking.
  7. I suspect it would be a case of drilling it out and putting a new rivet in.
  8. I make them myself - I'm trying to narrow down the measurements so I can 3D print them for sale.
  9. Partly down to the volume, but also because I suspect TM didn't want to fall afoul of the strict Japanese 0.98J limit. That being said, I did up a AA-12 for a friend down south recently - M190 spring, rewired it with a proper 3034 based mosfet and flat hopped it with modified hop arms to get rid of the 45 degree spread. Does 0.9J and flings 0.28g bbs out to 50m+ easily with a man-sized grouping. Apparently it's very OP now!
  10. I've rewired a few for customers with better mosfets. Send me an email at shop@dlcustoms.eu
  11. TBH it sounds like your GPU is the bottleneck, coupled with a very unoptimised game. For comparison, my system is getting pretty long in the tooth: I5 2500K 16GB 1067mHz DDR3 NV 970GTX I can run most of the latest games at 1080p on high settings and get 90-100fps (apart from BF1, which for some reason worked beautifully at launch but has started throwing massive fps stutter).
  12. APS not-glocks are TM/WE clones for the most part, yeah. They're not known for good GBBs, to be honest, and if it's the 'SHARK' model, the mag catch often breaks and dumps the mag. Also the mags suck. Dunno if KJW Co2 glock mags will fit, but they fit WE and TM glocks with a bit of tape inside the front of the magwell.
  13. True, though with that muzzle break everyone else in about 10m of me would be deaf, blind and concussed the minute I light up anyway
  14. Review: https://imgur.com/a/JoMJagI
  15. All good - I didn't mean it to come across as aggressive, I honestly just wanted to detail why I would build a 50rps AEG and optimise it for CQB.
  16. Let me clear some things up for you: Firstly, ss other's have mentioned, 1.05J = 337fps on a 0.2g bb, not 404fps, and it's doing 1.05J on 0.25g bbs. Load it with 0.2g bbs and it actually chronos about 0.95J or 320fps. Load it with 0.28g bbs and it does 1.12J. Joule creep is quite pronounced on something with a very short barrel like this - the upshot being I can use the same AEG in CQB and woodland by just changing the weight of bbs used and still stay under the power limits. In CQB we're limited to semi only, and with a 50rps AEG, my semi auto trigger response is about 20ms, com
  17. My personal lightweight AR build! Based on a DYTAC BCM carbine, it has nice engraved trademarks and a lovely Ceracote finish. I don't baby my kit and tend to throw my stuff around, and the finish has a few nicks and dings here and there but for the most part, it's held up great! The DYTAC gearbox and lower receiver have a great quick-change spring mechanism that lets me swap springs out with a single screw, which I love as it means I can run this in CQB at <1J or in woodland at 1.25J. I feed it with DYTAC's new transparent HEXMAG midcaps, which I've tinted a darker grey to
  18. Latest DSG build, based on an APS Mk6 AEG: – BTC MK1 spectre MOSFET unit – SHS 16tpa neo motor – M150 spring – SHS 8T DSG, 18:1 – CYMA FMR piston, Swiss cheesed and AOE adjusted – Radius cuts and a sorbo pad on the cylinder head – Krytac hop up unit – 170×6.01mm tightbore barrel – Flat Hop and M nub Does 50rps @1.05j on an 11.1v. Perfect size for CQB and that amplifier does give it a bark to match it’s bite! Dry-fire vid: https://www.facebook.com/DLCustoms/videos/2116409691911070/
  19. Oof, been a few builds I should have put up but been busy busy busy: A seriously souped up build based on a Krytac SPR: Krytac base: – Midwest Ind. Gen3 Mlok 15″ rail – Gate TITAN – AAC 30K motor – Seigetek 14:1 gears ss2 – CYMA FMR piston – Retro Arms CNC Piston head, cylinder head, cylinder and nozzle – Retro Arms CNC Red trigger, selector, bolt catch and Magazine release – Sorbo, AoE adjustment etc – MLCJ 410mm barrel + rubber – concave nub – Red Castellan CNC M-lok foregrip - VK 1.25-5x scope with one-piece QD mount – PTS EMG x3 – PTS EPG-C grip – PTS M4SDII
  20. I'd say it's pretty much impossible unless you take a lot of material out, use bullet connectors and a lipo with separated cells. I just hide a small brick battery in between the arms of the sliding stock.
  21. It's my dream to one day have a house with a garden and a garage which I will never use for storing cars in, but instead turn into a machine shop. I'll have to build a garage for my garage to actually garage the car.
  22. The most annoying thing is that there is literally NO option for appeal or even to ask someone to take a look. It's totally unaccountable.
  23. Very nice! Does the Gearbox fit a standard AEG M4 lower? If so... THAT makes things veeeeeeeeery interesting!
  24. Sorry to hear about your wife's health troubles, Hedge, that's a rough deal. In other news, got back home on Sunday to find that I'd been handed a 72 hour ban on Facebook for a 2 month old post of a picture of my MP5A1 with a caption that made it 100% clear it was a replica. Which wouldn't be a problem except I have about 12 messages on my business page which I can't reply to. FANTASTIC
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