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  1. It's not impossible with hand tools but it will be quite a bit of a fuss - for best results, I'd get a spare WE AKM outer barrel and chuck it on a lathe to get it cut to size to fit the E&L parts.
  2. Not quite. Academy make not-particularly externally accurate replicas of the Daewoos but they are either springers or LPAEGS with propietary plastic gearboxes. Toystar make Daewoo AEGs which take TM spec V2 gearboxes and M4 AEG magazines, which are also more accurate to the real ones externally. They also make springer versions which are the same externals with a special V2 gearbox shaped spring mech, which means you can get the springer versions for cheaper, then drop a standard V2 gearbox and motor into it, replace the hop up unit and barrel with an M4 one and Robert's your father's
  3. Damn, I've been wanting to grab one of the K1A springers to drop a DSG gearbox in. Trouble is finding someone willing to ship them out of Korea.
  4. Also, AMD haven't really made anything that's challenging NVIDIA so they are still charging the same for GPUs now as they were 18 months ago at launch.
  5. TM NGRS with the new ARES slim motor and grip?
  6. Nice first view! I second the request for video!
  7. I remember rebuilding a really ancient TM M4a1 for a friend on a budget which effectively only covered a metal receiver, rail and outer barrel with minimal amounts left over for internals. I ended up cutting down the stock TM inner on a lathe before recrowning it and giving it a quick polish and it's pretty much on par with the Madbul black 6.03mm tightbores everyone used to rave about a few years back.
  8. Got myself some Co2 magazines for my WE GBB AKs. WE AKSU with steel bolt + RoF boosting spring buffer + Co2 Magazines = Trousers torn clean in half
  9. Just got some WELL Co2 magazines in. Popped them in my WE AKM and they lock in fine and work fine. Updated magazines, maybe? On a side note, Co2 + WE AKSU with steel piston = SO FUN
  10. So I've just created an Arnies Discord server: https://discord.gg/hWXhJK9 If you've never heard of it, imagine teamspeak or skype but MUCH better. It's also free and works really well and is pretty much designed for gamers. All you need to do is click the link up there and you can get the free client program, set up your headset and off you go. Now, if you're after Goldeneye:Source, head over here: https://www.geshl2.com/ You'll need a steam account (free) and the Source 2007 SDK installed (free) and then you can download the GE:S 5.06 installer (free) and play (for free).
  11. Just rediscovered GoldenEye: Source. Last played it way back in 2008. They've made it so much better in the interim. Who fancies getting a server up and running? It's all free and I could set up a discord.
  12. Doing lipo mods to replica CTR stocks, hiding the battery in the buttpad. Thought I might as well sell them through my shop for £25+pp. Just shifted the first 20, already got another 5 lined up for the next batch. I can eat this month! Yay!
  13. Looks like a good basis for a 104 conversion as long as you have a spare FSB.
  14. Staggeringly good review. Top notch!
  15. Hit with customs for parcel #4 in all of three weeks. Sigh.
  16. No. The box of all my pistols and magazines for pistols is long gone. I'll never see them again.
  17. Got a box of the last of my airsoft things from HK today. Including an LCT SR-3. DSG it? That would be silly. But yeah, I'm going to DSG it.
  18. Got smacked for customs three separate times this month, including on one package which turned out to be a Christmas present. Also, found out that Parcelforce now charge £11.25 for their 'handling fee' instead of £8 like they used to. Fantastic.
  19. That's *suitcase* news mate. Keep the chins up, though, survival rates are up.
  20. I lent someone a set of cobalt M42 drill bits because he was complaining that his standard HSS bits weren't working for his bathroom install stuff. Got them back and he thanked me, told me that he was really impressed at how well they went through steel etc. Then he mentioned that the tiles were a lot harder to drill than he expected. Mention was made of 'the drill bits were glowing white hot!' You don't use cobalt on ceramics. Drilling ceramics requires diamond bits because the heat build up will kill anything else, even 8% cobalt alloy steel. Checked the bits and the 7mm was ultr
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