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  1. I got an older JG G3a3 with a RAS frontend second hand - had plastic 6mm bushings and was in dire need of a cleanup, as it had been used stock for two or three years. I pretty much tore everything out and redid her: 1) Rewired and installed one of my homebuilt mosfets 2) M110 spring (site limit) 3) Metal spring guide 4) ELEMENT Piston and piston head with bearing 5) 6mm steel bushings 6) Selector chip 7) ELEMENT G3 airseal nozzle 8) G&P full cylinder 9) Guarder clear hop-up rubber 10) ELEMENT H nub 11) ELEMENT Ultra-torque motor 12) Deans connectors and a 9.6v large batt
  2. Pictures from today - cold cold cold, but a great day nontheless! Tried out my new sealskinz socks, waterproof and certainly worth the £25 they cost - I'd recommend them to everyone as vital pieces of kit. I was running a Flecktarn top over a Tibetarn bottom. Seemed to work quite well. Also finally got my Aimpoint T1 RDS which royal mail had lost and conveniently forgotten about, until I put the boot up them. -.-"
  3. Colemountain, that second image in your post is the epitome of cluster*fruitcage*ing! Three groups of people clustered together... clustered together. XD That being said, nice looking loadouts and a nice looking playing field. Wish we had more FISH/FIBUA in scotland.
  4. Nice, but your muzzle break isn't in the right position.
  5. Very nicely done. Tape and airbrush?
  6. ZOMBIE RUSSIAN LOLOLOLOL Halloween-ish game. Someone wont the fancy dress competition with his SBS loadout - including a scuba tank and wetsuit. Which he did skirmish in. Luckily it was bloody freezing out, so we were all nice and toasty.
  7. Cut up a ball-point pen, and superglue/epoxy it into place. Easy, lah.
  8. And here is my STAG-15, which I am now selling off to fund another AEG. /shamelessplug *suitcase* pictures due to phone and lack of decent natural lighting. SHAMELESSPLUG
  9. Nice setup, but it needs a lid! Get a boonie on that.
  10. Cheers! Aye, it's an old DBOYs AKSU, so the tolerances have become really, really loose on the selector. Ergo, what used to be Semi is now still full auto, and the position it's in now is semi. Since I run semi only almost all of the time, it stays there - I burnt through 3-4K bbs on semi that day.
  11. Got my AKSU RIS frontend the other day, just in time for a skirmish! I'm loving it at the moment, it allows for a MUCH better and consistent sight mount than the side plate, and as such I can zero my RDS and have it perfect. The RDS will be replaced with an Aimpoint T1 soon enough, just waiting for Parcelfarce to deliver it.
  12. Some pics of me last sunday, rocking my new AKSU RIS front end. The T1 micropoint is on the way.
  13. Ok, none of that post made any sense. What?
  14. Danr, that is pretty much exactly what I was going to do, but in OD. I'm just waiting for that sodding ARMY G17 now.
  15. Aye. ELEMENT White H nub, Guarder clear/promo purple rubber.
  16. Keep the H nub, chuck the Madbull rubber, they're *suitcase*. Get a Guarder Clear or a Prometheus Purple rubber in there. You'll see a big increase in range.
  17. I have a HERA kit and an ARMY G17 (TM clone) on the way. I plan to fabricate a mock suppressor on the HERA kit and modify an old GSPEC inner barrel I have lying around to fit the G17, so I can get better range/power/accuracy etc. Should make for a nice little CQB carbine when I get some long TM mags.
  18. *fruitcage* M4 AEGs. I have two in for repair, and every time I fix an issue, another one crops up out of *fruitcage* nowhere. And because they're M4s, the disassembly to get to the gearbox is a total *bramston pickle* and a half. And now the selector on my own AR-15 is playing up.... AFSHFGFKRDSJHKL:JFGSDKA:JFIQ$£"UJ(Q"$£ITR(IGKPROSD
  19. And one last one: Those who were there will understand.
  20. Flecktarn camo nets make nice, breathable bandanas. Sneaky time! DERP DERP DERPY DERPTY HURRR I think this one speaks for itself. HISPEEDLODRAG Tyres are good cover. BBs bounce off them and don't hit you. Until someone throws a pyro at you and you have to beat a hasty retreat. Mad pistol charges on bunkered down defenders can work really well, because no one really ever expects it. Which is why I did it several times. Any defenders holed up over here? How about here? Nope. Three defenders down, heart rate right up. Fantastic weekend,
  21. And some more pics from MA6! I was rocking some flecktarn I bought off Apex on the day, I reckon it went well with my UMP and Sig. Spot the DarkLite, win a sense of well-being. There was a lot of village fighting. Because village fighting is AWESOME. I might be fat, but I can move when I need to. Case in point. I do not trust windows. I went out with one once and she glassed me. And here I'm nonchalant and adjusting my hop-up as people are shooting at me and my team are running away. Dum de dum. Windows. Don't trust em. I thought I saw a
  22. So far I have not received a refund despite being told I would receive one. Off to Mastercard then.
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