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    CQBR M4

    Likey mucho. Nice SD frontend. I would leave the handle off it, and stick on a RDS.
  2. This is it! Definitive proof that the world is going to end in seven days! Quickly brothers, let us build a rocket to take us to Mars!
  3. Is that slide the one that came with the gun? It looks a bit off.
  4. Logik, when you're in a hole, stop digging. BigAl said "Why not call it the HK94?". Not: "YOU MUST call it the hk94!" He was just pointing out a bit of info. No need to get offended. And it is a nice gun.
  5. Is that an HFC? Interesting that there seem to be two options on the front of the box...
  6. Forgive me if I am wrong, but I believe the top pic is a Real Steel. The bottom one is a bit...funky.
  7. *Splurge* That is so sexy it hurts.
  8. Huzzah! Now I can see who is in Hong Kong! I'm not alone anymore...*sniff*
  9. That doesn't actually look half bad. I'm still in awe of the fact that you use lowcaps only.
  10. Me too, I just got 342 emails from Arnies detailing every person who posts in any thread I have seen!
  11. You use only Lowcaps in your p90? Brave, very brave.
  12. Bluergh! Ick. Really Ick. BTW, KJW did do a silenced Mk1...Link, it's the second one down KJW do a lot of guns that no-one knows about, they REALLY need to get a website up...
  13. Sweet mother of jelly! What the hell happened to your outer barrel?
  14. Only if the "Wot am Best gun" threads require an address to post in. Then we can systematically hunt them down. (This post is a joke and does not mean I am a Nazi or want to kill noobs even though they REALLy ###### me off)
  15. Wow. That sig actually makes you look smart.
  16. I dunno, I've only used the KWC Desert Eagle, which takes Green no problem.
  17. I think it fires 270fps with 0.2g. Great review though, top notch.
  18. So... To get one going at 1J, I need: L85 + couple of Hicaps m100 spring MP5 spring guide FAMAS/MP5 Gears M16 Hop-up chamber Anything else?
  19. Does that mean to get it firing at 1J you have to replace the ENTIRE piston? or just the spring+guide?
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