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    I seriously need to just make a webpage with all my guns and post the link here...
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    I love real steel guns. I got into airsofting as a way to save money. Real steel was costing an arm and a leg. Then the costs of airsoft started to sink in. Now my only consalation is that with airsoft...I get to shoot people. lol<br /><br />I love God, freedom, good friends so close you call them brother and cooking.<br /><br />NOTE: I do all my own airsoft modding and upgrading. I have had bad experiences here locally at all but one shop in Hawaii. Liars need to DIE! Go to PowerEdge if you live in Hawaii. They wont ster you wrong.
  1. He is indeed correct. That gun is here on Oahu. Ashbash is where he is showing it again, MS? Cool. Which reminds me...what do you get when an MP5A5 falls hopelessly in love with a G3-SAS? My CQB gun an MP5-SAS named Grace: Here she is all tight and ready to spring on her prey. Here she is showing off the only battery small enough to fit in her...an 11.1v LiPo! She is made from a TM MP5A5, a Wells R8 G3SAS and a few odds and ends from a Galaxy G5 and an JG MP5SD6. She sports internals from Systema, CA and TM (IIRC). I love her to death. She is small and quiet.
  2. No. Why? These two things should be kept as separate as possible as not to confuse an already confusing issue. Doing so could get this sport unduly lumped together with real steel politics and that is something none of us would want. Maybe a real steel accessories sub-forum or something. A place to talk about real steel add-on type goodies.
  3. EDIT: ARGH! I should never post at 01:00 hours. I have no idea what I was writting. Anyhow yeah...Carebears are creepy.
  4. Me like. Me would go there and make the talking. Ug.
  5. My Team's Logo Our Simple IFF My Personal Logo (When I play alone I go by Cerulean...no patch)
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