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  1. If you are in north america, heres the dealer's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/VSS-Vector-Specialty-Shop/475340575940086
  2. I was lucky enough to receive the first batch of complete TWI set in the whole western Canada :?:, the shipping was surprisingly fast, 5 days from Taiwanese factory to my door steps. Packagings are nicely wrapped in 2 layers, all steel parts are also oiled. Here’s a list of items I received: 1). TWI Zenit ?-10M/?-19 Kit repro The rail is super light weight and really study, the whole piece is CNC cut from a 6061 t6 airframe aluminum block. Instead of black paint, it’s properly anodized like most real steel aluminum firearm parts. The top and bottom rail are held by 4 screws on both sides, very sturdy and easy to take off, the cut vents are very precise a you can see in the photo. The laser markings are very clear on the right hand side of the rail. The rail mounts onto my LCT and GHK AK flawlessly, no filing is needed. 2). TWI Zenit PK-0 Vertical Grip repro My favourite piece from Zenitco! The PK-0 is CNC cut 6061 t6 aluminum, really strong and super light weight. Mounts on bottom of my B-10 rail perfectly, it can also be attached onto the B-9 under rail extension which I will show you guys in a moment. The bottom cap is removable, its got some kinda of o ring for water proof. 3).TWI Zenit ?-9 Under Rail Extension repro Very simple piece, like all other parts, its super light weight and CNC from airframe aluminum block, anodized and laser marked. The rail mount clamp is removable to attach PK-0 vertical grip on it, very useful for shorter guns like AKSU. Borrowed a picture to show how PK-0 and B-9 look like when joint together 4). TWI DTK-2 Muzzle Brake for AK74/104 repro The DTK-2 is very sturdy, god a very good weight to it as well. I took a file to it and it proved to be a fairly strong steel. The laser marking is dimmer compare to the aluminum parts, and the whole piece its painted gun metal grey. Fits onto my AK104 flawlessly, no wobble, very nice product. 5). TWI Zenit DTK-01 repro Beautiful piece, finally a cool looking muzzle device to replace my old fashion AKSU “trumpet”. Very sturdy and good weight to it, not sure if its painted or blued but its got a similar shine like the LCT AK, fits on my AKSU and AK74M without wobble, 24 mm threading. I will do another review once I test out the parts this upcoming game

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