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  1. No the part was broken on the 2nd scermish. I have removed the part part and the gun still works (it has just lost its blowback funhon). The brake looks to be a pre existing fracture in the metal. Unless more brakes in part 14 happen in other ppsh then I will think of this as a one off fault.
  2. Well some more info. I have played 2 games so far and the only problem I came across was that every 3rd shot went up in fully auto but I suspect that has more to do with the fact that I am using 11v lipo and need a harder hop rubber to keep up with the rate of fire. The range was good and happily kept up with other guns shooting 350fps on the site. The back plate that keeps it closed is very stiff and needs quite a bit of presser to release. I was shooting about 200 to 300 rounds before rewinding but I have not tested to see how many shots I can get before I need to rewind the mag. The
  3. No problem Sig Some more info to add. I was using a 11v lipo with standard 0.2 BB's I have had a chance to do some indoor shooting (only about 8m so no info on the hop, accuracy or range). The front iron site is fixed in to place and the rear only has movement from the wide to thin line ups, so we are using the most basic of the basic iron sites for this. The blowback on this is just a bit lighter than TM's sopmod on single fire but similar to the TM sopmod on fully auto. The movement of the bolt when firing is a nice site and adds to the sound of the gun shooting. I fire
  4. Now for the gun it’s self. As you can see the wood is a nice dark brown and the upper receiver, trigger guard, back plate and mag release are all steel. The lower receiver, outer barrel, trigger, fire switch and rear sling point seem like aluminium or another alloy. Over all the build quality is good and all the little miss-fits look to have been added on for a soviet quick job build. The gun its self feels very sturdy but being a big man I will not try to use it as a seat. The Battery bay. As you can see to gain access to the battery bay you just have
  5. Review of the Ares PPSH Righty ho lets get on with this. First off the box. As you can see its a plane box with some small stickers showing a nice pic of the PPSH and the Ares logo, The only nice thing about the box is that they have included a handle which in my opinion any box that is bigger than a plastic bag but so light to be carried with only one hand needs one by default. In the Box there was the HHSP, 1 Drum mag (Can be filled with about 1500 rounds), manual and a test tag with the FPS on it (mine was stated at 120.1 m/s 1.44j at 20c with 0.20 BB dated 10/03/10
  6. Slightly annoyed at Mondays

  7. Yep I fitted the one off my GBB M4 and bar a bit of wobble on the bottom.
  8. Well I have just checked mine (the latest one before the CO2) and its CCW to remove and CW to fit it back on.
  9. Is it Just me or have the posts about "Airsoft 123" vanished?
  10. Nope only the Co2 version can take Co2 mags. All the others need the Co2 convishon kit to use the Co2 mags.
  11. You can also tell at the top of the mag, if the latch at the back is missing the hole corner then its the old type. But if there is a small tab at the end making the hole cut corner in to a cut-out then it is the new type.
  12. I have just looked at my mag from my M4 that I got last month, and that it is the reinforced type.
  13. Well I have started having a strange problem. Full auto fire is fine, but single fire will lock-up after 1 to 3 rounds and stays locked up if flicked to safety and will only release if I then shoot some rounds on full auto? Has any one else had this problem before I send it back to the shop?
  14. The main forum page loads and the reloads the page. I have experienced this on both my home PC and work PC. This problem is not replicated in Firefox. Work PC = XP pro with IE7 Home PC = Vista ultimate with IE7 Thanks John
  15. popeye my old 8.4v Mini Type NiMH with 1000mAh with full charge will only fire 3 to 4 shots then the moter stops turning, But my newer 8.4v Stick Type NiMH with 1000mAh can turn the moter with no problem. I think old small battery just dont have the push needed for the gun. P.S My main battery for it is a large 8.4v Large Type NiMH with 3700mAh which lasted me all day (about 7000 BB's) with some 30 sec+ constent sprays
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