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  1. Happy birthday Grandad :P


  2. Prometheus

    Grand Theft Auto: Hampshire

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Unfortunately my article was lost when my computer broke down for a few days. It was open when it failed. I totally agree with you on everything!
  3. Prometheus

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Just a question here....how do you tell exactly? I bought mine second hand from Guges Mk3...... Will it say it on the gun or something? Mine is about 980g I think......Still feels a bit light though....
  4. Prometheus

    Revolver Picture Thread

    I'm hoping to extend the performance of my M500 by adding a stock to it. I'll handcarve it to ensure the quality. (I was practicing around the house a couple of days ago and pretended like I had a stock for it. I must say the gun is a good one to do it with).... The barrel in the M500 is almost the same length as is the one in my G36c. Sad, eh?
  5. Prometheus

    Revolver Picture Thread

    I hate you. +1 I love that Colt Constrictor. I just love revolvers with thick barrels. Gives them a futuristic look.
  6. Prometheus


    0_o!!! My jaw hit the floor. How the hell do you have the money to get all that stuff. Magazines especially. Your only thirteen!!!! My God!
  7. Prometheus

    Revolver Picture Thread

    What gun is that?
  8. Prometheus

    Revolver Picture Thread

    That's ok....you can keep it
  9. Prometheus

    Revolver Picture Thread

    HOW MUCH!? I'm broke right now....but I'd think about it and might get my *albatross* in gear and get a job... ~P
  10. Prometheus

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Mmm.... I might try to find one....or two.. WAIT! I think I'll just dual wield the Tanaka M500
  11. Prometheus

    Revolver Picture Thread

    What are they!!!!!???? What MODEL are they!!!!?!?!?!?!?!1 ~P
  12. Prometheus

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Is that an SAA or what!? Oh, now I'm wetting myself...and I'm not peeing! ...i want them.... ~P
  13. Prometheus

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Could you just simply buy a regular 20mm rail and install it if it were the right length for the screw holes? What I mean is get like a G36c bottom/side rail and screw it on if the holes were right? ~P
  14. Prometheus

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Concerning the Tanaka S&W 500.... Are there any metal frames for it... Is there a way to mount a scope? ~P
  15. Prometheus

    Prometheus's Guns

    Prom's Gun collection and more

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