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  1. Happy birthday Grandad :P


  2. I think this was a fantastic idea. Too much childishness on the forums just because of that one thing. However the down side of it would be that we can't tell how trustworthy a person is. Look at it as the way I did up till the end. If the person was -8, I wouldn't take their opinion or advise very critically. But if they had +20 (+), then I'd listen to them more readily because they were "more well liked" on the forum, and thusly had a higher chance of being truthworth, at least in the respect of being truthworthy on a forum. That doesn't really go a long way. (NOTE: for the users w
  3. I'm betting what they want is something similar to the review database. Different categoris for different things. For Example: AEG GBB Springers (anything using spring power except snipers, this includes TM SPAS and Benelli) Bolt Action (Sniper Rifles) Accessories (Scopes, parts, etc) Parishables (gas, BBs, etc) Gear (book, BDU, helmets, etc) Thats just my rough list of how it could be done. Arnie, you might be able to use the same code you used for the review database but just tweak it out to make it a topic driven system instead of a permanent review ty
  4. My guess if you accidentally selected the "select all" tab which selects all messages. Simple mistake. However, your messages are lost now. ~P
  5. I'll probably end up buying one of these puppies pretty soon too, if I don't get sidetracked for G36 parts. ~P
  6. I never have to refresh, although.........when I do click on the red text, it still shows up when I go to the rep page. Then, I just click the "forums" button on the lefthand navbar and it always goes away. Hey, someone +1 me so I can test this theory. ~P
  7. I'm sure in your situation, R22Master will help you out. I remember about a year ago when HaVoC had his changed from "HaVoC_Man" or something like that. And he was a long time member if I remember correctly. Just shoot R22Master a PM about it explaing your situation and I'm sure he'll help you out. ~P
  8. I wonder who the anonymous member is........
  9. Wait, isn't the reason we cant talk about 328+ fps because the site is hosted in the UK? If its hosted in flordia then shouldn't we be able to discuss this? I know the staff, or majority of them, are in the UK, but really this is no longer a UK site, it is a world site. An INTERNET site. Just food for thought, however little you may need... ~P
  10. Thanks Gazchap. I'll write up my M500 one tonight. I have the pictures for it already, just haven't gotten around to the writing part. I have the M500 takedown down to the pegasus system. I don't want people to take apart their pegasus inner cyilnder unless its absolutely warrented. But by the time they get down to that point, they should be able to get it on their own. I'll also do a G36 takedown guide, seeing as I take mine down to every screw and gear at least once a month for cleaning. I'll be PMing you Gaz in a little bit once I get the thing written up.
  11. I must say Im less than impressed. I wouldn't mind posting in the tech forum, but it will not get pinned for very long if at all, and there is a limit to the number of pictures you can put in one post. I want this to be a more professional look. ~P
  12. I'm talking about making a section for JUST takedown guides!!!!!
  13. Shao. Thats too vague. If someone is looking for a takedown guide for a G36c, then they won't look through three hundred reviews just read the same stuff all the time hoping to find a way to take a stock off. My way seems better to me, just for the sake of simplicity. People who want to find "MP5 takedown guide" will put it in the search box, or look for a takedown guides section first before they go scouering through a bunch of reviews. ~P
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