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  1. guinnessman

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    The way the courts 'work'. They suck big time. My colleague and I got threatened and challenged to a fight by this muppet one night many months ago, which resulted in him getting a nights' free B & B courtesy of Her Majesty. I've been to court three fragging times for it now, on two occassions we should have been notified by the PF that the case had been postponed but oh no, we had to drag our sorry asses down there to be told they'd screwed up. Third time round we wait in court all day until we're told there won't be enough time to have the case heard at half past three! There are only three people to give evidence, the aforementioned muppet had two defence witnesses who can't show up because they're in intensive care after skipping out on a debt to their drug dealer! How long does it frigging take!? And to cap it all off every time I've been cited I've been on a late shift the night before! And another thing - bar staff who don't know how to pour a pint of Guinness. Now I'm not asking for a fancy shamrock on the top or anything like that. But it's Guinness, there's procedure to follow fer Gawds sake! And it's mostly bar staff at 'trendy' pubs that are guilty of this, damn them! And while we're at it, whats the deal with sprouts? They're totally pointless, with the possible exception of Barry the time-travelling sprout who, to be fair, is no longer a sprout and now resides in the head of Elvis Presley. But your average run-of-the-mill sprout is an affront against the culinary world. Ewoks! <Fruitcaging> ewoks! Every time I watch Return of the Jedi I have to go this website: Ewok Holocaust It carries a detailed analysis on how the Ewoks would have all died when the wreckage of the Death Star fell on their world and plunged it into nuclear winter..... not singing now are you you little fruitcagers, muhahahaha!

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