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  1. I JUST got my JG G36C in. Thanks Blade3000! I am REALLY loving this gun design. Pushpins FTW! And the JG is very good for being so cheap. *EDIT* Awesome! King of page 6.
  2. The rifle looks awesome, but Guinness are you sure theres a little slot for the stripper clip to fit in? That'll be amazingly awesome if there is, and hopefully the shells fit on the stripper clip...
  3. Yeah, this is the number 1 reason why I didn't touch the classified section...
  4. I just heard that the CYMA M14 has reversed polarity just like the AGM and I think KART. Can anyone confirm this?
  5. I'm thinking my next gun will be the CM.032, so thanks for the info. How much did to cost including shipping?
  6. I like how the bottom guy still holds the mag-well even though he has a vertical grip... I guess it just shows that sometimes the mag-well is just feels better than the farther out vert grip... just a observation. At anyrate. I WOULD post my gear, but right now all I have is some combat boots without laces and a pistol belt. God willing I should have all my gear by the end of this week though.
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