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  1. I'am selling my MASTER PIECE... All parts are BRAND NEW, and very very HARD TO FIND, only for COLLECTORS, only for COLLECTORS, sold out every where in the world It cost me many and many times and money... Cost me a very high price ( about 2400 USD ) All parts are new, I'am asking about 1400 euros Payment with Paypal is ok. It's an AR15 gbbr WA based.... - Lower receiver CNC Prime Magpul, black anodized ( a masterpiece, very very hard to find ), brand new - Upper receiver CNC Prime VLTOR Mur1 Prime, black anodized, brand new - Bolt Stainless Stell CNC Prime, brand new - RaTech Nozzle Al CNC machined with NPAS - Ambidextrous Controls CNC Steel Prime, brand new - All internal parts CNC Stainless Steel Prime, brand new - Prime Stainless Steel CNC machined Chamber brand new - Grip Magpul MIAD Real Steel, brand new - Magpul UBR Stock Black for WA GBBR, brand new - CNC Aluminium magazines Prowin V2, brand new - Flip-up Sights Troy , brand new - Accurate inner Barrel Stainless Steel PDI Japan, brand new - RIS MK18 Daniel Defense, brand new - Flash Hidder VLTOR, RS engraved brand new - Gaz Block CNC alumin, black anodized, Airsoft Surgeon, brand new -Prowin V2 magazine CNC machined with RS Magpul Ranger floorplate - etc... Note, EOTECH is not including. I'am shipping all over the world. Ask me any question. Seb
  2. Sorry Sir, all Nova parts I have are here.
  3. Hi, bought and collect all this parts in the same time many years ago in HK. I think they are out of stock everywhere.
  4. I'am selling one NOVA Kit, KIMBER WARRIOR, ( Nova is Prime Airsoft for GBB MARUI ) All parts are BRAND NEW, just assembly but not fitment were done, you have to adjust it, but all the parts are the best quality CNC aluminium and Stainless Steel - NOVA Kimber warrior, aluminium CNC,black anodized, brand new - Nova Safety lock, (type 2 ambi), CNC Stainless Steel, brand new - Nova Spring Housing, (type 2 checkered)CNC Stainless Steel, brand new - Nova Mag Catch (type 2 checkered), CNC Stainless Steel, brand new - Nova Outer Barrel KIMBER Warrior, CNC Stainless Steel, brand new - Nova Barrel Bushing, CNC Stainless Steel, brand new - Nova Recoil Spring Plug ( type 1 ), CNC Stainless Steel, brand new - Spring Guide CNC Stainless Steel, brand new - Accurate inner Barrel, PDI Japan "black edition" - Nova Brass Hop Up Base Chamber, brand new - Nova Slide Stop, Checkered, CNC Stainless Steel, brand new - Queue de détente aluminium brut pour Kimber, usiné CNC, neuf - BlowBack housing, CNC aluminium, Guns Modify - Strider Real Steel, Strider gunner grips 1911, hard textured, Tan, for heavy duty - Airsoft Surgeon Hex grip's screws, CNC Stainless Steel, brand new It cost me many months to find and buy all this parts.... I sell it with 2 Marui 1911 magazines ( Guarder High Flow Valves), brand new. Sorry for the high price but this is only for 1911's/Kimber's lovers and collectors. Price is 700,00 Euros, (Paypal + 4% ), add 15,00 USD for international shipment Paypal ok Other payments are OK in my country ( FRANCE)

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