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  1. replacement reinforced tappet plate is probably about £20 but from what i gather, the problem has been seen too and they are more reliable now
  2. Hardly "Standard M4 lower, if it was then Metal M4 lowers would fit. it doesnt raise up at the back to attach the stock like the M4 bodies
  3. well ive seen one on a JLS somewhere, but since every gun is different theres no telling if it will directly fit onto the VFC, iirc, it needed modding to fit the JLS. but i see no reason why you could't put one on edit lolz, numbnuts
  4. Fixed for accuracy if JLS Cloned a CA Prototype, which i dont believe for a second, CA are really going down hill these days as in reality the JLS is actually nothing like the scar, it has a G36 style shell deflector/stoch catch for a start, i cant imagine CA making such a poor replica even as a prototype
  5. i dont know if you lot have read airsoft scotlands latest updates it would seem Army have taken it upon themselves to run the quality control and any guns leaving their factory now are doing so under duress. personally im going to wait until AS have them in stock and get one then, at least it will be under warrenty and had Frenchies keen eye give it the once over
  6. you make it pretty Can i has it back now please?
  7. Basically ive heard that the damn thing breaks and sends broken bits of poo into your mechox totally fubaring the gun if you use the recoil on Automatic regularly.... is this true? and is there anyway to stop it happening since i want an L85, especially a well made metal one, but theres other stuff i want too, but the blowback gimmick would give it that edge that puts it on the need imminantly list rather than the want in future list. ive seen the recoil on Flanker Tankers video review and it looked sweet. just dont want to have to disable it all the time to use auto
  8. i have a question about this gun, the infamous blowback..... Does it actually make the gun "Feel" good when firing or is it really just cosmetic? Is there any way to strengthen it so you can use it all the time without having to lock it back to stop it breaking?
  9. to be honest i found stealths review to be much better for helping decide on the gun, since it went in depth on potential problems and was critical of the stylings of the gun against the original aswell, however it is nice to see someone sticking up for it a little more and to hear a few more positive comments about it oh and i do wish people would stop lumping JLS in with the CLone companys since both their SCAR and F2000 were not clones, but original guns, made in China
  10. i cant remember what forum it was, but a few years ago i was browsing one that had pictures and discussions seperate. at the end of each post in the picture threads was this link... Discus this image you click the link and it takes you to another thread where people are discussing the pictures, when you post in the discussion it adds a link to your post to show which picture your discussing. probably be nigh on impossible to do here since it would mean re-writing some fundimental parts of the forum software. but its an idea.
  11. didnt think volunteers ever got the job anyway? so as its in the hands of the big A, does that mean there WILL be a picture threads Mod and we are waiting the announcement of who? or does it mean the Arnster is currently deciding wether to make one? or just that it has been put to him and he hasnt mentioned it either way. id like to see a picture threads mod some time soon,
  12. it does get annoying when you get three pages without a picture. but then thats why its called browsing i guess. just keep browsing till you find the purdy pictures. i do feel though that this three page thread about wether or not picture threads are a waste of space is a little, um, would ironic be the term? if Arnies needs to save space on its HDD's why not obliterate the file attachment thingumy? that takes up lord alone knows how much, creates annoying thumbnails, and anyone who has the first clue about the internet will use imageshack or photobucket anyway.
  13. its been said before somewhere else and made me chuckle then too. gotta love that Steel wood
  14. since MinisterofDeath and Sekiryu are obviously too lazy.... i give you... the STG 556
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