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  1. hitmanNo2

    Tokyo Marui Festival 2020 new products

    And the other half is a little less Wilder. I just put it down to because Japan heh.
  2. hitmanNo2

    Tokyo Marui Festival 2020 new products

    He's had a questionable haircut for a while now
  3. hitmanNo2

    Tokyo Marui Festival 2020 new products

    What is this, a gun for ants They're doing a S&W Bodyguard too
  4. hitmanNo2

    H&K Picture Thread

    A man of taste I see.
  5. hitmanNo2

    Tokyo Marui AK Storm NGRS

    Indeed. It should come with at least a Pmag.
  6. New products teased on TM's site - Glock 17 Gen4 GBB (Previously announced last year) - FNX-45 GBB Black version - Ruger LCP GBB (most likely)
  7. hitmanNo2

    Question regarding a correct camoflauge.

    I vote coyote over olive. Maybe have a watch of some of the Polenar Tactical videos on YouTube and see what kind of gear they run. They're in Slovenia but might be close to what sort of environment you have.
  8. hitmanNo2

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    That reminds me. I need to clean up my open tabs.
  9. hitmanNo2

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    All ready for MS Flight Simulator.
  10. hitmanNo2

    The automotive question thread Part 2

    Thanks guys. Glad to see you posting Tink. Haven't seen you on here for a while. I did wonder about how temporary the plugs are. I carry Tyre slime in case of a puncture but might get a plug kit for emergencies if the slime doesn't do the trick. So the normal puncture patch repairs are OK to do from the inside? Or would you still get a new tyre for peace of mind? It's on a wheel right now so can't look at the other side. I would have caught this when I took my summers off but my jack failed half way through and had to finish off by torch light in the freezing cold so just bunged them away without looking properly. So annoying. I could have sorted it before I actually needed it. Oh well. As it's on the wheel I'd need my tyre place to take it off anyway so DIY fix is a no go. And yeah, it's a rear tyre.
  11. hitmanNo2

    Anyone in Colorado?

    I don't know, lots of dumb dumbs in Colorado https://www.foxnews.com/us/photos-purportedly-show-coronavirus-protest-standoff
  12. hitmanNo2

    The automotive question thread Part 2

    I'm not sure on the current tread depth but I think it's decent so might be able to get away with just one perhaps. No replacements local to me so I'll need 3 days to get some. I think I'll wait until I know I won't need to drive for a few days and pull it out and assess the situation. Thanks for your advice.
  13. hitmanNo2

    Glock Picture Thread

    Boom still don't offer an encrypted connection which really bugs me.
  14. Old thread has been closed so time for a new one. What are people's thoughts on this? I was swapping my winter wheels over to summers (yeah, I know. A little late) and I noticed this piece of wire stuck in my tread. I tried putting some watery Fairy Liquid on it and no bubbles appeared. The tyre has lost 3 PSI over the 5 or so months it's been stored which is fairly normal I feel. I'm tempted to just pull it out but I'm reminded of the below. I'm thinking the best thing to do is take it to my tyre place, have them pull it out and if it is a puncture, they'll be able to plug it straight away.
  15. hitmanNo2

    1911 Picture Thread

    Nice. Two WA posts in a row. What is this 2005?

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