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  1. The recently released Monster Hunter was full of airsoft grade tactical gear and guns.

    One of the many things that made me laugh was this PEQ unit's paint job, completely obscuring the light & lasers with the cover on.  Whilst his team mate engaged with her Beretta at a target 6x it's effective range lol.


    Also check out this ballistic helmet complete with polystyrene lining under that flimsy plastic shell.


  2. CR123s are really that expensive in Belgium?  Over here you can get 10 posted for £15 on ebay and that's with a 1 second search.  Probably cheaper deals out there.  And that's branded Panasonic, Energizer etc.

    As said, the EG Tactical/Holy Warrior are the only models worth looking at for the Eotech look.

    I think the Vortex line is the sweet spot at that price point but you could look at Vector Optics which are cheaper but offer CR2032 battery options.

    There are probably a few Holosun and Sig Romeo models worth taking a look at like the Romeo5.

  3. Surefire heads are roughly 2mm bigger in diameter than AA Maglites but I guess if it's rubber there will be some flex to accommodate the Surefire.  I don't recall them being recommended but they might be OK.  

    I've cut some 3mm polycarbonate discs and friction fitted them to inside the bezel.  You could probably get away with 1mm polycarbonate discs that you can cut with scissors.  Sandwich one of those in a clone Surefire IR filter flip housing is another approach.

  4. Oh yes, there are many, many Magna/R-Type SVs (or does R-Type just relate to the hybrids?  I forget).  Lots of pre SCW SVs anyway.

    It's been a while since I've played with WA chambers but they're interchangeable between 1911 and SV.  I seem to recall having to file a bit on some chambers to get them to work.

    I just swapped a Magna SV chamber into an SCW 1911 and vice versa with no issue so I'm not really sure what's going on with that SD chamber.

    The copper clip keeps the blow back unit secure in the slide as the Prime slide doesn't have the same retention system as the WA slide. The rolled edge fits in a groove in the slide and the 90 degree lip slips over the edge of the BBU.

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