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  1. Could it be anything else lol
  2. I've always wondered where the bottom slide is ha ha
  3. Indeed. I had wanted something nice and clean and simple since I first watched Way of The Gun so I figured why not go with the same choice as Mr. Longbaugh and Mr. Parker. Well the burn came about from the fact the stock trigger bow was too big to fit the frame. I was getting nowhere with files as apparently the bow is possibly made out of Adamantium but probably not. So I decided to use an orbital power sander...Now I was sensible and picked up the ridiculously hot bow with a rag when I was done so as not to burn myself but somehow the bow rotated and now I have a nice line on my finge
  4. Theres metal kits for most stuff if you go WA.
  5. Not quite a V-16, but heres my Prime WA Colt Series 70. Which has taken up all my Friday and today. Finally got it done after a few minor cuts, a burn and lots of swearing. Still, better than watching that bloody wedding. Still needs some tinkering but hey.
  6. Niiiiiiiice. OK, that convinced me.
  7. Thanks Matt. If it was RS, it would be a safe queen ha ha. I don't know what happened to the text accompnaying the pic but I'm sure I wrote I was thinking of the selling the Prime Raptor kit (not the whole gun) And that I was finding it difficult to price it as all I have to go on was hardbooiledcop selling his complete Raptor for £500. So I was thinking perhaps around £220. PM if you're interested to discuss. I take it a mod didn't remove the text as there is no mod edit info. But if there is a problem, please let me know and don't ninja edit.
  8. Depends what model really. Most have the wooden crossed cannons but I think the TRPs now come with what looks like VZ Alien grips.
  9. Looks like a VFC MK18 MOD1 to me.
  10. That looks *fruitcage* sweet Noveske. Will you keep the new receiver cover black or go tan? I think thats the perfect mix of black and tan. Also, is that a RS Gear Sector mount?
  11. WTF? Why would someone hack Airsoft-News?

    1. Shriven


      ^ It was Fireknife.

    2. Banshee_Will


      I blame the Chinese or zeroin.

    3. FireKnife


      Yes, send me your pin numbers :P

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  12. Beautiful V12s Clockwork. I must not buy anymore stuff until I get my V12s plated. However, I've just spotted some Prime V16 kits.....Brain says yes but wallet says noooooooo.
  13. A magazine ha. Also a rear BUIS.
  14. Matt, with a TM? I don't think so
  15. I thought this might be of interest to those wanting a Punisher style 1911 and who don't want to shell out for the WA or WE.
  16. The work to get that longslide is impressive. How many hours were sunk into that?
  17. I have one on an Iron Airsoft Larue build which is Prime sized. The buffer tube screws on fine. You just need to get a longer screw to go through the butt of the stock into the buffer tube. But this is a problem whatever you install the UBR on.
  18. Yeah, I don't think a ProG4 frame would be worth it to me honest. Way cheaper to just get a kit. Ha, good luck with finding an unwanted lower. They don't turn up very often.
  19. Frames on their own are very difficult to find. You'll most likely have to buy a metal kit and sell the slide on.
  20. Yup, its a WA extended mag from a Wilson Combat Super Grade from 1996.
  21. Heh, well I'm sure they'll be 10 a penny soon enough.
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