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  1. A couple of people not quite getting this on Reddit lol.
  2. Nice. I'm crossing my fingers someone is going to clone those Midwest Industries handguards.
  3. Just spotted this lovely looking stainless kit for WE Desert Eagle at Boom for $1620. Seems mad to put such an expensive kit on a WE Desert Eagle which is gather has some issues but there's no denying that it looks stunning. http://www.boomarms.com/shop/item.cfm?id=ALC-KIT-DE-SV&curr_code=USD
  4. Ah. That's good to know. In that case, I believe the best one is the newest Ace 1 Arms one then.
  5. I think the TM Micro Pro sight is the best RMR type replica.
  6. Disappointingly normal for a renegadecow post heh.
  7. It doesn't look like too many other people are too considering their stock is sitting at an impressively low 0.077 EUR
  8. Still with the black mag with the silver models
  9. Something odd I've noticed is that some photos (Specifically Wingman's post of a Vector in the "Airsoft stuff you just bought" thread) display fine on my phone (Android), but don't display on desktop (Firefox).
  10. Please say you are documenting it with a ridiculously oversized camera and will be developing the photos yourself in a DIY dark room. Then deliver the photos in a brown envelope on your boss' desk.
  11. How does the conversation go with the customer? "So we see you're shopping with a competitor. What's up with that?"
  12. Slick AF right? I don't buy into all these carbine conversion kits but this thing looks too cool. They do versions for airsoft Glocks so the Sig one might be on the table too. https://www.fluxdefense.com/milsim
  13. NonEx, you might like this. Fingers crossed for an airsoft version. https://www.fluxdefense.com
  14. "but the idea is simple: when anything new shows up you snap it and post it, from a whole gun or plate carrier to a tiny accessory or part" Nothing ambiguous about that. Anyway, to get this back on track, a very boring purchase for me. Battery charger.
  15. Opening post does say to post a photo of what you just got. I think this is the right place for it rather than hide it away on the pic sub forum. Have it here and have it be a hybrid, primarily pic thread with discussion.
  16. Could you ask them what's going on with the MkIII Browning Hi Power too please?
  17. Do your legs vary in length from day to day? 😄
  18. Similar thing happened to a friend of mine on a train in India somewhere. He was forced to use his underwear to clean things up.
  19. Good shout on the garden kneeling mats. Much better thickness and rigidity to work with compared to roll mats.
  20. Camping roll mat is the go to item to add rigidity to armour carriers.
  21. A certain sub reddit involving Sharpies comes to mind...
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