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  1. A certain sub reddit involving Sharpies comes to mind...
  2. I don't suppose you've got any video of it cycling?
  3. What is the ACF social media presence like? I take it it has YouTube, IG etc? Maybe more work needs to be put into that kind of stuff to accurately portray the ACF?
  4. That seems like a peculiar decision. They're ideal training aids. Or is it a case worrying they're too young to be mixing the don't point a gun at anyone rule with airsoft and RS?
  5. Some cool Escape from Tarkov fan films. Very high production quality. Especially audio.
  6. To be honest, I've found YouTube to be OK at "suggested" videos. My home page is generally filled with stuff I have an interest in. Every now and again a completely random video will pop up that I would never think to look for or think I'd enjoy, but I'll watch it and it would be worth it. Of course, sometimes there will some terrible videos pushed there which are easy to click ignore on. I do stay away from the "Trending" page though. Some utter tosh there being pushed by YouTube.
  7. I haven't watched that yet but it looks interesting. It's about time YouTube got their face stomped in. They've evolved into an absolutely disgusting company.
  8. On a similar note. I find it mind boggling we're still burying our dead. We live on a tiny island, land prices are ridiculous and you want to waste space with corpses? I'm guessing these people that are so into burial don't know people are doubled buried on the same plot and then moved after x years. You might as well have been cremated straight off the bat. If you want to take up space, I'm sure a country with large, open areas used for nothing can accommodate you.
  9. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/projects/jericho/project_jericho.htm
  10. Ha. I very nearly commented that it's loaded as well as a RS one. Glad to hear VFC are putting out some solid guns now.
  11. What is going on with the BBs under spring? I thought it was for easy real cap loading but there's not follower? Also, how does it cycle? I take it there aren't CO2 mags available?
  12. I might be swayed into anything WA.
  13. Amazon customer service really is top notch. Whenever they *fruitcage* up/a product they sell *fruitcage*s up, they always sort it out within minutes. Another level.
  14. How about your phone? Do you get an error message?
  15. I as going to say. April next year. I think you've got time bud...
  16. Works OK for me. In fact I made an order a few days ago.
  17. New CoD actually looks pretty decent. New engine. New lighting. A return to something grounded in reality with no more space *suitcase* thank goodness. Very nice.
  18. I don't know if he's run through any bushes but it certainly looks like he's run through one or more Claire's Accessories.
  19. Strange how most/many things look better when they're wet.
  20. I find if you want a good idea on something, check it out on IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Going with all 3 gets you a good range of opinions as Rotten Tamotoes is pretty much considered compromised now but does have some valid contributors.
  21. Good? Let's just say it's sitting at 9.7/10 on IMDB. That's higher than BB, The Wire, The Sopranos and GoT...Sure, it doesn't have the number of votes, but still. It's a *fruitcage* masterpiece.
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