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  1. IA Combat Holster (Sand) and UKSF Rigger's (OD) Belts. Review time: Got my hands on two tactical belts from Intelligent Armor, a UK based shop specialized to sell state-of-the-art tactical gear to you. They have their own brand products which will bring the mil standards for a reasonable price to you. I got the IA UKSF RIGGERS BELT and the IA COMBAT HOLSTER BELT. Both belts are manufactured in the UK. Both belts are very light weight although they feel very rigid. Especially the holster belt is very rigid and will have no trouble to support any side arm holster and will stay in place ev
  2. So none of you guys have problems with the size? No shop states that it is the M/L version, so they can sell more. I am PO'd big time since everywhere it is "one size" but TMC seems to have a L/XL version too. Being fooled sucks.
  3. Here are some raw Impressions of what we do and look like.
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