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  1. beta08

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Wow, that's stunning. Good work!
  2. beta08

    Glock Picture Thread

    Mine needed a lot of sanding and "breaking in" (PGC Slide & Barrel set on a TM).
  3. beta08


    Shwel, I've been a fan of your rifle since the beginning. The first few pictures I liked the best, then when you changed it I hated it, and the final pictures I like a lot. Very original!
  4. beta08

    Glock Picture Thread

    Are Glock 21 and Glock 17 Serpa's identical? I bought a G17 Serpa for my Marui G17 and REALLY have to cram it in there. I'm told that it's because the plastic slide is a tad bigger. If I were to buy a metal slide, would it fit properly? Thanks!
  5. beta08


    Grobut; you win for two reasons: the sexy SVD, and the direct quote from Monty Python.

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