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Status Updates posted by beta08

  1. What's up with nobody having the decency to respond to my PM's lately?

    1. ollie_ty


      Send me one, and I might respond :D

  2. I don't understand how I wound up debating a misadvertised item on ebay with an apparent child. PayPal dipute time.

  3. My PTS AAC Supressor was stolen by US customs. Any way I can get it back or am I screwed at this point?

    1. aznriptide859


      ROFL...mine passed through customs fine, while they went ahead and stole my Marushin X-Cartridges >.<

    2. slu


      I would call them. Sorry man, that is bad luck. Hope you get it back quickly.

  4. This $8 G&P QD TD grip is better than the real $70 TD grip I used to own. G&P wins.

  5. Tried hookah today. Yummy

  6. Screw USPS, and screw US Customs. That is all.

    1. adadqgg




      5 months and my order from WGC still has not arrived.

    2. adadqgg




      5 months and my order from WGC still has not arrived.

    3. danielsilva



      I have a package on US Customs and i'm not even from the US ...

  7. LBT-1961a-r came today... :D

    1. Banshee_Will


      Saw the pictures...... Love the split chest rig. Did that come part of the kit?

    2. beta08


      Thanks bro (: I actually didn't get the whole kit, just the chest rig and slick carrier. But year, it comes with the kit.


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