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    Custom Gear

    Low Profile GRG Pouch - Velcro closing vinyl sleeve for maps/documents - Rapid access pull tab - Attaches with simple Velcro straps to reduce profile - Compatible with plate carriers with Velcro/MOLLE top portion (6094, JPC, CPC, AVS, APC, etc.) Video and more pictures of stuff on my page. Facebook.com/dimmerswitchtactical
  2. beta08

    Custom Gear

    GP Abdomen Panel - Front opening for ease of access - Removable stiffener to prevent flopping - Velcro inside for removable inserts Double Kydex M4 Pouches Too many requirements and features to list, but the main ones were: - Removable flap - Kydex for both mags - Pouch profile reduces when one mag is removed
  3. beta08

    Custom Gear

    The rest of the stuff I make is mostly copies of the rare Crye pouches: 40mm/Flashbang Small GP 9mm M4 The FLYYE tag and background was to troll with another group. I did indeed make this. Compared with a real Crye M4 pouch on the left.
  4. beta08

    Custom Gear

    I've been doing a bit of custom sewing for a little bit now (maybe 5 months). Everything is 330d Multicam with Milspec materials. Full album is here (http://imgur.com/a/jaFwF), but here are a few of the more innovative ones: Modular Mag Pouch - MK17: Allows use with bungees, flaps, both, or neither. Abdomen MOLLE Panel with removable stiffener to prevent floppage and a 5x 40mm pouch (this set is actually going to a Ranger): CPC/JPC/AVS GRG Pouch with a backlight for low-light use: Quad M4 Pouch with Frag/Dip Pouch:
  5. Hmm, nice. I love G&P but for the price of KA I might have to give one a try.
  6. Here ya go: http://www.optactical.com/blfohewhmeho.html
  7. Awesome, I really like that. How do ya like the laser?
  8. Hah, sorry boss, never seen you say what it was before. I asked because it looks just like a NF to me, very cool man. Looking for something other that those Vision King SD replicas for a similar build. Diggin' the paint too.
  9. Hah, fair enough. Thanks! As far as the flags, it's a team requirement in my case. I tear it off in a second if I could, trust me.
  10. I tried that very thing before and it doesn't work. The G&P and VFC receivers are about 3mm different in length.
  11. Thanks boss. It's a replica PCU jacket which you can find here: http://dragonredairsoft.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=33_35&products_id=171
  12. "Oh, the uniform..." Nah man, I'll be 21 here in a few months. Trimmed my neck beard off so that's probably why I look young.
  13. Those ones aren't element. I have one of those, along with that new dual pressure pad, and it STILL took modification. -.- But now it works like a champ and I love it.
  14. Nice, reminds me a lot of the Kryptek Highlander pattern. http://www.kryptek.com/kryptek-camo-patterns/
  15. Awesome, thanks for the reply! I was thinking about picking one up in RG. I'm happy with my LBT6094 but after trying my buddy's CPC I think I need one.
  16. Is that the Solidfox CPC? Of so what do you think of it?
  17. As far as I know it stands for "identification, friend or foe", which usually consists of an infrared emitting or reflecting device such as flags, strobes or chemlights.
  18. Yessir, they are replicas. I got mine from t-tiger on ASF but I'm afraid I got the last one. However, you can still get them from a few retailers online. http://www.px-airsoft.com/showroom/model/T0002/templateProductDetails.do?ParentId=1214828800275&currentPage=1&editCurrentLanguage=1213907847692&webId=1213907847691&productId=1338781169675010439 http://www.px-airsoft.com/showroom/model/T0002/templateProductDetails.do?ParentId=1214828800275&currentPage=1&editCurrentLanguage=1213907847692&webId=1213907847691&productId=1342472164523002246
  19. I've been meaning to throw some updated pics of my mk18 up for a while but this will have to do for now:
  20. Breaching I would guess. Sweet carrier man. I've always wanted one.
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