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  1. i actually laughed out loud at that Ubar, a seriously nice set you've got there! especially like the 80.. is the acog mount the genuine one?
  2. well.. after receiving my 416 in the post the other week, im not too pleased. The externals are nice and i quite like the gray body, but the internals is where the problems start to begin, first of all the hop-up doesnt give the best range possible and the dial was also loose on mine, the gearbox locked up on its first skirmish causing me to have to disassemble the whole gun (bad shimming i suspect), and the motor is sooo loud and whiney (even adjusted properly). So yeh not to pleased with Kalash/Dboys, now im going to have to buy the M16A4
  3. darkchild, what regiment are you in, if you dont mind me asking??
  4. Grim, what webbing is the girl wearing in that photo? some sort of US webbing? Ben
  5. does anybody know where i can get an A2 cocking handle for my r85? i cant seem to find one anywhere
  6. http://www.fire-support.co.uk/store/comers...?idProduct=1224 http://www.fire-support.co.uk/store/comers...?idProduct=2699
  7. chillindrdude, mmm.. i think i prefer it with the heatshield on, but im loving the reflex, definitely suits it
  8. nice, is it a TM? im thinking of buying one of these, but not to sure on the barrel wobble, can you help me out? EDIT: just read the 'custom built' bit, god im an idoit
  9. wooo that scope is abit...oversized for my liking but yeh its nice
  10. nice, what model eoTech is that?
  11. NegativeCambre: Nice, did you put them in size order or was it just a coinsidense?
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