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  1. ...just Magpulled the Systema

  2. td5

    V12 (3).jpg

    Is this a modern version of the 1911?
  3. Too nice to take out skirmishing!
  4. td5

    3 round bust.JPG

    I've heard these are a nightmare to fit.
  5. td5

    take away2.JPG

    Free with every aeg??!??!
  6. td5

    gear box.JPG

    Whats that from?
  7. td5


    Is that the m92f biohazard?
  8. td5


    Stunning. Is infinite a real gun company ?
  9. td5


  10. Ready and waiting.....
  11. td5

    me again

    Is that in some sort of aircraft tower???
  12. td5


    What is that gun!!! It looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Do you use that on the field?
  14. td5


    Reminds me of Dead mans shoes movie. Cool
  15. td5


    Bio Hazard! Pretty intimidating dude. You wear the S10 to airsoft? T
  16. td5


    Good krylon job on the 36 dude
  17. td5

    Oakey Sniper.png

    Nice ghille. Pimpsoft gucci gear
  18. In love with the M14 mate
  19. "That's what friends are for "
  20. td5

    100 by 400

    Cool signature pic
  21. td5

    infinity 5inch

    Evil looking thing. Nice
  22. What package did you use?
  23. td5


    Didnt even know you could get KJW Glocks in OD! nice
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