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  1. Battle worn TM project 90 w/ green laser and tac light
  2. Used the m-16/m4 hand guard attachment, fit right through the holes in the front of the hand guard.
  3. smelsonlaflin

    SVD Long

  4. smelsonlaflin

    SVD profile

    KA-AG-01, same as that classic A2Z that once sold for ~400
  5. the 104 has the short barrel though? the 104 has the long,,
  6. Or you can be like me and put 47 mags in there and then it's an AK-103
  7. *AK-103 (won't let me edit lately :/)
  8. Haha, yeah, I have a young collection still. Just the CA (now an ak-104) and the AIMS that's on its way.
  9. The only deal breaker for me with the first Real Sword AK's was that it was the Chinese type. hopefully it will be time for another purchase when the European styles come out Might get the SVD if its still around when i get my next. Beautiful thing, it really is. And trust me, the extra money you spend on RS over CA is worth it, and in the end you'll spend way more on the CA. sorry to be such a downer :/
  10. CA's are pretty bad. I have one, but i've poured $300 into it total, thats ontop of the cost i bought it for new. Works just fine now, so i have a $600 CA SLR-105 D: (also with an aluminum body)
  11. 'Ello sig users! I'm contemplating this TM GBB, wanted to run by you fellows first. Any thoughts or comments? http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=22821
  12. Ah, well hopefully once I get accepted by the admin i'll see all the posts? let me try again.
  13. Thanks mate, I don't know if I'll get a response though,, looks like a ghost forum. No one's posted there since 2008 :/
  14. Just a quick note, this thread single thread has been open for a little over four years. four years of beautiful beretta goodness.
  15. thats beautiful. any idea where i can get some good RS wood for my AIMS? i've been trying google searches but can't come up with anything.
  16. Which do you guys think is a better gun; a VFC AIMS or the new G&G AIMS? essentially comes down to G&G or VFC, which is the better brand for strait up skirmishing goodness?
  17. http://ebaybanned.com/product_info.php?cPa...roducts_id=1947 I'm very excited.
  18. Condor chest rig Home made drop leg holster for Deagle. (just let me know if you want to see how i made it)
  19. thank ya sir, took me about 4 hours over 3 days. thanks man, haha, its actually just in south texas,, outskirts of austin/san antonio (in between the two)
  20. hey man where'd you get the SAW pistol grip? been lookin' for one
  21. I have a confession. It's taken me 2 years to 'love' my AK. Hope you like it
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