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  1. The only deal breaker for me with the first Real Sword AK's was that it was the Chinese type.


    hopefully it will be time for another purchase when the European styles come out :D Might get the SVD if its still around when i get my next. Beautiful thing, it really is.



    And trust me, the extra money you spend on RS over CA is worth it, and in the end you'll spend way more on the CA. sorry to be such a downer :/

  2. it's easier to get AIMS wood in the states. Try redalliance forums and someone should point you in the right direction.


    Thanks mate, I don't know if I'll get a response though,, looks like a ghost forum. No one's posted there since 2008 :/

  3. rusmilitary.com have the newer type AK74 wooden grips in stock. it's the ones without the cutouts.


    it's the ones on the bottom ak




    thats beautiful. any idea where i can get some good RS wood for my AIMS? i've been trying google searches but can't come up with anything.

  4. nicee man


    thank ya sir, took me about 4 hours over 3 days.


    Yeah, I love the setting. The bottoms ones look a little like Africa to me, or am I going crazy?

    thanks man, haha, its actually just in south texas,, outskirts of austin/san antonio (in between the two)

  5. hey guys. so i'm making my CA SLR-105 into an AIMS (after i fix the damn faulty wiring, ugh),

    any AK purists wanna tell me what silencer i should buy should i fancy the silencer over the slant break from time to time?

    **edit (that is, between the pbs-1 or pbs-4, i wasnt able to dig up caliber specs for the real steel silencers)

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