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  1. So the KA RAS would allow me to attach a proper sniper style scope? I assumed it was just a rail set for the front end.
  2. Just got a TM m14 socom after many months of want and I'm desperate to get it set up with a decent telescopic scope. Question is, what is the best scope mount as there a good few options? Any scope mounts to avoid also appreciated.
  3. Many of us have somewhere to admire our collections. Most of us beg and plead for a tiny corner somewhere in the house. I managed to convince the wife boarding the loft would be the answer to our storage issues. Little did she know, I planned to create something just a little bit special. Recently I've doubled the amount of gridwall to account for a few new purchases and future toys. I'm pretty pleased with it as you might imagine.
  4. Fantastic seller. Very thorough checking of my defence and item is exactly as described. Happy to recommend.

  5. If anyone knows what type of silencer/adaptor fits the cyma cm030, that'd be great!
  6. Yup, it's the cyma cm030. I got mine a few weeks back and I love it. What it lacks in fps, it makes up for in fun and not having to carry gas around. The fact it's a clone of the tm glock 18c makes it easy to upgrade and accessaries are available. At £50 a pop, you double wield for the cost of a gbb. What more could you ask for? Oh, and I just bought me a hi cap for my next skirmish. Very excited to try it out in the killing house. :)
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