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    Tm Famas, TM M9, Tm Hi-capa 5.1, We 1911, KWA glock 18c, marushin m1 garand
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    Besides airsoft? Guitar, writing music, playing clasical music, playing metal
  1. slayer32390

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Not exactly a painted weapon but it this is my first attempt at painting anything...might consider doing my whole rifle at a different time.
  2. slayer32390

    Artistic Airsoft

    Well here's my (not so good) attempt. Tried to really highlight the bullets and mag and the trades on the gun but everything else came out too dark.
  3. slayer32390

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    Heres my Marushin M1 Walnut Stock Sorry for the bad pics I'm *beep* with a camera

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