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  1. All included parts are in the first pic you need to add: the small barrell spring (if you decide to install one) Hop rubber Hop rubber nub Brass barell shim ( i dont know what you call this item, the small brass ring that slides over your barell) I have only tried them in G&P 'complete guns' and my own builds, which tend to be G&P/SYSTEMA etc I have one Dboys mechbox in a King arms gun that i was going to install one to, but i am awaiting some more barell springs (will update later) it seems to work perfectly with everything i have thrown at it, it is built for a TM pl
  2. Prowin HOPUP Intro This is my first review of a product so forgive me if I miss anything. I am a professional engineer so you will have to excuse my poor punctuation and prose. I have been airsofting for about 5-6 years now and have always built my own guns – predominantly m4, AR-15s etc I was, at one point, considering manufacturing my own improved CNC hopups as they have long been the Bain of my existence (over exaggerated for effect ). Recently I purchased a couple of Madbull 3 in 1 ultimate hopups, and although I was impressed with the way they functioned and their con
  3. I have an Eotech, was going to get a 3xMag scope and flip side mount to go with it
  4. Yeah it is, makes a bit of a difference, takes away the sharp clacking sount of the BB leaving the barrel...... you just have to remember that most of the noise is emitted from the gearbox and motor and not down the barrel. Its mostly for show. The Noveske flash hider on the other hand amplifies the sound considerably!
  5. Just finished building two new guns for my collection (bottom two) Both have a custom 9.6v 1200 mAh NiCd battery in the stock tube built from a 12v Systema PTW battery (i don't trust Li-po's.....or rather i dont trust myself to take care of them) They just fit when the stock is fully extended with enough space for a DEANS connector at the end. Gives a nice balance to the guns and plenty of power for high ROF! The Noveske Diplomat has an 8mm G&P gearbox (i am very interested to test it and see how well it holds up) The Olympic Arms rifle has a systema turbo motor/mechbox w
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