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    ICS AK74M
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    Black Hawk Industries: Omega Tactical Vest #1
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    Airsoft, Off-roading, Camping, Fishing, Country-living, Water Skiing, Snow Skiing, Rip-sticking, Rugby, Beer
  1. Confederate842

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Celtic Christmas, thank you Mommy
  2. Confederate842

    What's your backup?

    Well here's a second hand story for ya.. but this guy we call Moltar at the field we play at carries around a ~2 foot long dildo as his melee weapon... He's got a sheath on his belt for it and everything. It's gotta be solid rubber cause he whacked my buddy in the game with it and gave him a bruise.. That sucker was heavy. Just thought I'd let y'all in on how screwed up a few of us Americans are..
  3. Confederate842

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Rod Stewart - Maggie May Thank you PYX 106 haha

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