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    Okay so obviously I'm not really qualified to comment on comics cos I don't read many... but I can't help noticing the flaws in how they're translated into film, just on the biggest two out recently Spiderman 3 and Superman Returns I could write about 10 volumes of "things Sam Rami should not have done" and slightly less on superman, cos I have to admit, even though there aren't any actual villains for superman to fight its a pretty decent movie. Spidey shoehorned in enough villains(who had actual powers and could actually hurt Spidey, not just a rock) that you forget who's in it until they're on screen, and superman has one bald criminal genius (that he could under normal circumstances, morals excluded rip into individual strands of DNA). The result, Spiderman 3, not good, Superman returns Quite good. The reason? Topher Grace is poop and Kevin Spacy is not.
    So looking ahead next year we'll see a new Batman film, Shazam!(no really, it is called that) The incredible hulk and Iron man. Woo and double Woo. Both Iron man and batman I expect to be good, but what after that? DC has hinted at wonder woman(Mary Elizabeth Winstead, sadly not involved so far), green lantern and The flash. Marvel has confirmed (not counting the sequels and spin offs like wolverine and venom or the stuff they'll get around to maybe sometime before I'm 30) Ant-Man, Captain America and Thor for 2009, Nick Fury Agent of SHAFT, sorry SHIELD after those with presumably Samuel Jackson as Fury(he's in Iron Man as Fury supposedly) and then an avengers movie sometime after that.
    So tracking back a little, Ant man? ANT MAN? "Oh Hi there ant man, so you can command ants... yeah good luck stopping Ultron, doctor doom or lets face it even frickin Squirrel girl with that. Oh your wife can shrink as well. Only when you haven't beat her up and put her in hospital? Thats super." but no they've second guessed me(well not me personally, but the geeks like me) and they're giving it to Edgar Write to direct, so chances are I won't have to make fun of it, cos it will make fun of it for me.
    Still no confirmation of the two I want to see Deadpool and Super girl- though I want everyone to know in advance right now that if the next Superman film has her show up after a cosmic detour, mistake Superman's illegitimate kid for him and try to fulfil her duty as her cousin's guardian(by abducting his son) before getting into a fight with Superman and resolving the issue in the first act before teaming up to fight Doomsday, Zod, Bizaro, Metalo, or Cheerio then I win a million told you so points.
  2. cazboab
    Technically, number 7. Ridge Racer 7. I remember playing the first ones back in school so I was thinking , that but with PS3 shiny polish. Its not. Maybe its just me but I remember having to time the turn and dab the brakes to powerslide the car now it seems that Namco have simplified that and the method used to powerslide is now "the left stick"(or tilt the pad if you set it that way). Every single Odin-forsaken turn is a powerslide, in fact I found it possible to travel in pretty much a straight line sideways if I wanted too. While on RR, I have to admit this one passed me by for about 5 years, long enough in fact for namco to fix it before I notice by putting Reiko whatsername back in, but "Ai Fukami"? Wasn't she in Austin powers ?
  3. cazboab
    First let me say, if you don't get the title, congratulations, you probably have a life. I'll do my best to warn you when I'm about to ramble on about something like, how much quicker (and with ironically less bloodshed)Frank would have dealt with the Joker than Bruce - its quite obvious and short this time .
    So yeah, I finally decided to make a blog. Before I'd always kinda assumed that anyone who really wanted my badly thought out misconceived ill-informed opinion would just ask. But my opinion is that anyone who wants my opinion should probably be certified, so it probably wouldn't be that good a conversation, or maybe someone just wants any opinion to kill the ten minutes between The Simpsons and the second episode of Scrubs on digital so you can watch the whole of the first one after on the digital +1 channel. Plus, writing it will give me something to kill the ten minutes between The Simpsons and the second episode of Scrubs someday.
    Well now I have a new blog, and a new PS3 so I'm going to go with computer games and leave my views on important stuff like the spice girls reunion, Al Gores Nobel prize the spice girls reunion and how the presiding officer of the Scottish Executive- sorry Government- mucked up the draw for the CIS cup semi final because he didn't want to put his glasses on when he was going to be on TV to another day.
    To be honest I'm a little bit scared of my PS3- not only does it look like across between WOPR or skynet and a cylon, but it worked flawlessly and connected with my home wifi network before I'd figured out it could even do that, and as I type this on a vaio pc the fact its there sitting beside the TV re-enforces my belief that somewhere in the deep dark caverns of SCEE's secret underground bunker is a little box, with my soul inside.
    The games I've got for it are Resistance, Ridge Racer umpteen(when amazon ship it) Genji and Marvel Ultimate Alliance(clue for all y'all didn't get the blog title there ). I decided to play about with the online bits first though, so I qued up some demos for download and after I discovered youtube works perfectly, I started mucking about on other flash based sites to see what games I could get to work. Yep that's right I wanted to use a £350 ps3 to play flash games. not long after that I decided to see if I could get it to run an IRC client. That was roughly about the time it hit me that this PC is 4 or 5 feet away from the PS3 and does all that stuff better. Luckily the first demo had gotten to 90-odd% dowloaded so I made some tea and came back to play Folk lore.
    Folk Lore is about catching "folks" evil ghost type creatures which you can then use to fight and capture other folks, kinda like a Tim Burton version of Pokemon. After playing for 2 or 3 minutes it introduces me to a feature of the ps3 I had forgotten about, the motion sensitive controls. Basically it wants me to hit monsters until they glow red, then catch them by holding R1 and flicking the controller up. Simple. Easy. I'm having fun. Yay! Then it changes the rules after a boss fight. I have to time the flick cos it only glows red at for a second before glowing green. Timing my finger to push a button is a skill that I've honed for the past 15 or more years playing video games, flicking controllers is not. so after two or three attempts I get it right kill and catch some more monsters using boss monster watch the cut scene and the demo is over leaving me with the feeling I'll buy this game sometime.
    After that I fire up Resistance. Now the Church of England objected to this game a full year after it came out because it has Manchester cathedral invaded by aliens and shooting with guns(!) in the cathedral its only about two hours before I reach the offending level, and I realise why. It wasn't because they were against the violence or they thought it was encouraging some nutter to shoot up a church, it was because they played it and when they got to the cathedral they're greeted by 3 or 4 hundred little gribbly scorpion things and died. Many, many times. Getting past is a matter of wiping out the machine-gun (which is an M14 EBR with a wooden thumbhole stock and an M203 by the way) and holding down the fire button and Luck. After 10 or 15 unlucky goes I decide to have a look at my demo downloads again.
    Armoured core 4 is sitting ready to install so I do and play it. I think whoever mapped the controller had 3 thumbs. you play as a robot you move with the left stick and aim with the right, fair play, it works, but then it goes runny. you fire the weapon on your left side with the square button and your right with X, R1 and L1 switch weapons, if these funtions were reversed you could aim and shoot things at the same time which is quite handy maybe even essential. So that gets deleted after I play through it.
    Next in is Jericho. Its an FPS with psychic powers added in. E.G. the sniper is telekinetic, so she can control her bullets and guide them through multiple people's heads. At least in theory- it probably works well in the more open levels but the demo is set inside tunnels were its hard to manoeuvre the bullets properly, so I end up using the heavy weapons gunner, who has pyrokinetic powers and a Gatling gun, except in one section were I'm forced to use the ninja to crawl through tunnels to unlock a door for the other two. Switching between characters in squad games isn't new, but this one ads in a creepy little twist, you don't play as the squad as some gestalt entity like in Conflict: desert storm/Vietnam, you play as the squad's captain who dies early on in the game, you're not just switching between character's you're possessing them .
    So then I put in Marvel Ultimate Alliance. I really really like this game. If it had the punisher it would be better, but as it is its full of little things and references I get a giggle out of, like spiderwoman pointing out she's not related to spiderman in any way- not even his cousin she gave blood too(thats a reference to she-hulk if you're one of those people with a life who's read too far) as well as Deadpool and Spidey's wisecracks.I'll not say much more cos I'll get carried away.
    Wow. Didn't think I'd write all that much. I'll maybe even try something airsoft related next time.
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