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  1. 6 hours ago, DarkLite said:

    Not really, but it's a 20 minute bus ride from the city center.

    Yeah the problem is for everyone here but thee and me:

    On 4/3/2019 at 2:54 PM, gisburn20 said:

    Edinburgh may be a tad far for me, unless its a weekend long event with camping.


    Theoretically a block booking in a hotel or an airbnb etc would do, but schlepping gear to and fro on busses sounds far less interesting than beer and burgers around a campfire... 

    Though if we can find a couple of sites near each other, one running Saturday one on Sunday lodgings between the two might make for a decent long weekend of pew-pew glug-glug nom-nom... 

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  2. 13 minutes ago, ardrummer292 said:

    Any plans on skirmishing again? I've got a desk job nowadays, so getting out and playing is the only thing preventing me from turning into a lard bucket.

    As a lard bucket, it's not that bad... but yeah, I've cut irnbru, Pepsi and Coke out, not that Irnbru is any good now with the friggin aspartame... 

    My plan is as soon as I can fasten one of my sets of webbing around my gargantuan belly I'll be heading out for a couple games at the local establishments... 

  3. Kryptek camo is pretty popular among the more fashion conscious airsofters, and since I assume they have heads, hats in their swanky camo patterns could be a good thing. I've been sent two from Supremeco that are actually a bit better than I expect from your regular baseball cap, first one is the "makhai":


    Which comes in kryptek's Mandrake woodland pattern and has a velcro square on top instead of a little button like on most caps. This means that you can stick a tiny patch or strobe etc to the top of your head for aerial identification. Or if you're one of those boring people that live in the real world, it is far more comfortable to wear under a helmet or with a headset or ear protectors.


    Second one out of the hat (see what I did there?) is the "Ares":


    This is a similar cap, only in the Highlander desert/mountain pattern, and with vented sides which if I'm honest is probably the comfiest cap I've ever had, the mesh sides let air in to your noggin but keep most of the sun out- though I imagine they'd leave an interesting tan line on the folliclly challenged- and the velcro patch on the front lets you customise it with whatever patches you have. Interestingly (to me anyway) the embroidered kryptek helmet logo on the patch is stitched in much tighter than the one on the other cap, wich means it sits flat in the velcro and wont push patches away.


    The hats are made in both styles in Mandrake, Highlander and Typhon patterns, and also in a third style wich is essentially the same as the first one but with a plain green tan or black peak.


    As of writing all the hats are available to preorder from supremeco for $24.99 a little bit cheaper than other kryptek camo hats, and with a good few more options on style and pattern/colour, and also JD airsoft in the UK.


    Thanks to supremeco for supplying them for review.

  4. I think the 100 post rule is the best we have available, even if it's not perfect. I think the only "better" method would be to restrict the sales forums to verified members, but something more than a username in the picture would be required, possibly UKARA membership or a token payment with a method that has age verification and an address attatched eg a credit card, but both of those have financial overheads and I'm not sure how folk would feel about essentially paying for access to the sales boards(or how Arn would feel about taking responsibility for such a system), so i doubt either of those are really viable.

  5. yeah, I got

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     just now for a while.
  6. Erm, that is not a bad film to survive.


    I can recommend some truly brain numbing films :P.



    The nutcracker in 3D.

    The dark crystal.



    If you survive all three, your next challenge will involve zach braff.

  7. • As mentioned already, the Vector is HEAVY, a bit disconcertingly so. With the monstrous magazine it's probably 50% heavier than the KWA MP7, in addition to poorer weight distribution. Bizarrely, KWA lists the Vector at weighing in at 6.24 lbs, while KRISS' own website lists the carbine (the heaviest configuration) at 5.8lbs... wtf?

    The vector that matches the KWA version weighs in at 5.6lb, unloaded, without accessories, 30 rounds of .45acp comes in somewhere around 1.5lbs meaning with a full mag it should be around 7.1lb(maybe a little more if they counted the mag as an accessory). Airsoft mags don't change much in weight between full and empty, and weigh a lot more than an empty real steel mag, so I think maybe the weight is being talked about more than it needs to be. Look up the weights for KWA's USP series and the equivalents from H&K, you'll find they're heavier too, because while the actual pistol weighs near-as-dammit the same, the magazines are necessarily heavier.

  8. For the last time: No sales in here, go to the goddamn classified section, if you don't have access to it, wait till you do THEN go to the classified section. Next person to post one gets a massively disproportionate suspension, k? If someone else has done it, report it please don't post about how its against the rules, its really annoying.

  9. You don't put a SUSAT on an M16, or an ACOG on an M11,

    That's mostly because susats are horrible and don't come in 20mm, and the acog M11 thing well that actually sounds like fun...


    The point in magpulled AKs is to ad functionality you'd only get on an AR normally, and this being airsoft its not like it can get you killed if it doesn't work...

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