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  1. Just started watching walking dead, up to season 2 now, Is it me or is Rick Grimes the worst babysitter in history?

    1. renegadecow


      Eh, depends on who you're catering to. If its 95% of the population, then stupid is very much interesting.

    2. crackisbad


      That is actually why I stopped watching the show; I refuse to believe that survival of the fittest dictated that those morons were the best surviving group to watch.

    3. Wild_XIII


      They should have done it all in Australia. I'm pretty sure the Thunder Dome would have been built by now.

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  2. See youtube video of awsome glasses from shot show, find out they're only $6 a pair but $40 minimum shipping. Cock.

    1. Marlowe


      Obvious solution? Group buy for MA.

    2. cazboab
  3. The vector that matches the KWA version weighs in at 5.6lb, unloaded, without accessories, 30 rounds of .45acp comes in somewhere around 1.5lbs meaning with a full mag it should be around 7.1lb(maybe a little more if they counted the mag as an accessory). Airsoft mags don't change much in weight between full and empty, and weigh a lot more than an empty real steel mag, so I think maybe the weight is being talked about more than it needs to be. Look up the weights for KWA's USP series and the equivalents from H&K, you'll find they're heavier too, because while the actual pistol weighs near-
  4. cazboab

    KRISS Thread

    Its available in the us here: http://www.airsoftoutletnw.com/16mm-to-14mm-lees-precision-thread-adapter-for-kwa-h-k-mk23-usp-tactical
  5. cazboab

    KRISS Thread

    or you could put one of these on: http://www.leesprecision.co.uk/cnc-machined-16mm-to-14mm-ccw-thread-adapter-50.html and use any 14- threaded suppressor.
  6. Scan taped a voucher for AC3 to the box of my new Graphic card. MSI put an AC3 voucher inside the box, so now I have two...

  7. cazboab

    KJW M4

    For the last time: No sales in here, go to the goddamn classified section, if you don't have access to it, wait till you do THEN go to the classified section. Next person to post one gets a massively disproportionate suspension, k? If someone else has done it, report it please don't post about how its against the rules, its really annoying.
  8. Or alternatively don't do anything stupid enough that the police get called in the first friggin' place...
  9. Yeah, we're all agreed criminal damage is bloody stupid and if you hit a cyclist you should at least back over them before you drive off.
  10. Well if G&P call the gun he started out with a Mk18, no mater what he changes, the base gun is still a G&P mk18.
  11. The doctors will cut your fruit up for you. You know you're not allowed sharp things.
  12. That's mostly because susats are horrible and don't come in 20mm, and the acog M11 thing well that actually sounds like fun... The point in magpulled AKs is to ad functionality you'd only get on an AR normally, and this being airsoft its not like it can get you killed if it doesn't work...
  13. Just a quick reminder, if someone posts abusive content, report it, please don't reply to it. (the post and parts of posts relating to it have been removed, I didn't just randomly decide to say this...)
  14. I've binned a bunch of posts that were completely off topic: suffice to say there is actually a "correct" way to display rockers and the US flag, if you're bothered about it *politely* suggest the right way, and if you're not bothered about it you don't need to post to say that. Also the next person to use the words "walt" or "douche" in relation to another forum member wont be able to post for a while, 'kay?
  15. If I have to phone virgin media again and they make me listen to Primadona Girl once more I will cut their Feckin' legs off at the hip.

  16. why do i find gear from the 60s easier to use than modern stuff?

    1. TheFull9


      Probably because there's a lot less of it? The individual war fighter had more and more gear & weight piled on to him for pretty much the entire 20th century. I'd say the late 80s was about the peak, though it's not really come down much (if at all) since then.

  17. I may be dying of Ebola, or I just have a bad cold.

    1. Grindstone


      Poor little bunny...

    2. aznriptide859



    3. Apex


      man the *fruitcage* up

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  18. Well we don't allow sales in IRC, mainly because its a pain in the bum to provide feedback and/or evidence when it goes wrong...
  19. You are a human being as such you are a *fruitcage* idiot, the sooner you admit this the sooner we can all get on with being *fruitcage* idiots.

    1. cazboab


      But at the end of the day, everyone is still a *fruitcage* idiot.

    2. hwagan


      I like being a *fruitcage* idiot. I am in fact quite proud of it.

    3. Dreamer777


      Im in love, im already a *fruitcage* idiot

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  20. Coating the mesh will do two things, (1) it'll make the holes odd sizes and screw up your vision, and (2) when its hit it'll spall from the back into the surface being protected eg your eyes.
  21. If you hit the more reply options button after quoteing then in the top right of the reply frame there's a switch marked "toggle editing mode" that will switch images, urls and youtube videos back to code rather than previews.
  22. I'm amazed at how many second hand sales still have a free foot.

    1. Reppyboyo


      Could always do with a spare foot.

  23. Who's in the where with the what now? Dammit man, if you want to live on our planet you have to speak our language.
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