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  1. Put 'em in here guys. Nothing knights makes is dissimilar enough from an AR to warrant a thread all to itself.
  2. Its amazing how many people don't want to be seen as mocking you when you have a semi automatic shotgun...
  3. I wont say if you go to MA7, you definetly wont find out we've phoned your boss and told him about you reading the off topic section at work, but it will greatly reduce the chances...

  4. I hate how the virgin website says the A Team is available on demand, but the TV doesn't seem to agree.

  5. I sneezed and bit my tounge.

  6. @ mudpuppy: Silence is golden, duct tape is silver.

  7. cazboab


    No women, no kids, that's the rules.
  8. I believe there Is only one god who sent his son to die for our sins. Alpha Trion. In the name of the father and of the prime and the holly spark, Transform, and Roll out.
  9. Like race car drivers... And stop referring to Britain as England. You're as bad as the bloody yanks...
  10. http://www.f2benfund.co.uk/My lihttp://www.brdc.co.uk/Benevolent-Fundnk Yeah cos the Scotish, Irish, Canadians, Americans, Indians, Malaysians, Polish, Yugoslavians, Belgians, Boers, New Zealanders, Dutch, Czech, Australians and everyone else who fought all fought for England...
  11. Yeah that link is from the old version of IPB, you just need to scroll down to the bottom and click the big blue bar that says "click here to show filter options" and change that from topic posted to last post.
  12. I Think the post vote thing is deliberately disabled, the similarly themed rep system that was in place a few years back was abused a little bit too often.
  13. The old setup was a custom skin on IPB IIRC, I don't think you can even switch from VB to IPB and keep all the posts. I was actually thinking how familiar(in a good way) it feels...
  14. Uhhh, no its not. For one thing USMC can't install plugins to the forum, for another, that is almost completely unrelated to what he's suggesting.
  15. It seems to me that if you quote someone's post and give another suggestion, then it really only can be directed at them, but there's no need to start name calling, so how about we play nice before something bad happens?
  16. We try our best to be consistent but we are-generally speaking- human. Very rarely are any two given situations the same, so it follows the appropriate level of response will not be the same, for example we take into account previous action so something that could be viewed as minor on its own can result in a suspension if its the last in a line of infractions by th same member.
  17. All ICS m4s, even the plastic ones use a split box.
  18. It is fixed but it was not DNS- BT were (deliberately or otherwise) blocking connections to arnie's.
  19. cazboab

    KJW M4

    Just like the VP70. I'm wondering if maybe he's using a phrase like "the ultimate gun" or something meaning how good it is and its getting translated wrong...
  20. In the UK the site's designated first aiders (as well as paramedics and firemen I believe- I'm neither so I don't know for sure)are legally obliged to help, anyone else with training is morally obliged to help anyone without training may feel compelled to help. What that means is if you don't help and belong to the first group you can face prosecution, the second a civil suit and the third will probably feel really bad. The blanket I wouldn't say is a vital part of personal kit, but it won't hurt- you can't fall on it and puncture a lung or tear a rotator cuff (thanks again academy L85!)
  21. Its a have-and-not-need thing and c'mon sanctioned to use a blanket ? The shears though a lot of sites won't even let you take em out and personally every time I see someone jam a pair into molle loops I wonder how long it takes you to bleed out from a 3 inch slash in your gut...
  22. A foil blanket is handy to have on you- for most folk the first aid kit you carry will never get used and even if it does it'll mostly get used on you, wouldn't it be fun to disable a leg and find out now you get to lie on the ground cold and wet for a while cos the marshals are "airsofting not climbing" for the sake of something you can get in asda for about a quid? If you've done any first aid coarse, you'll know what should be in your kit in that regard, if you haven't done one try to get yourself on a basicone with st andrews or st johns etc, about three hours and £20 is the norm, bu
  23. Just binned a couple of threads, both pretty much the same thing. If it isn't a review, don't post it here. This includes but is not limited to: Asking for reviews of a particular product/ Posting that you intend to do a review. Speculative reviews IE reviews made up based on how much you want something, Anything posted in here that's not a straight review will be binned. Possibly with no further explanation other than warning points for whoever posted it.
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