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  1. Its a have-and-not-need thing and c'mon sanctioned to use a blanket ? tongue.gif The shears though a lot of sites won't even let you take em out and personally every time I see someone jam a pair into molle loops I wonder how long it takes you to bleed out from a 3 inch slash in your gut...

  2. A foil blanket is handy to have on you- for most folk the first aid kit you carry will never get used and even if it does it'll mostly get used on you, wouldn't it be fun to disable a leg and find out now you get to lie on the ground cold and wet for a while cos the marshals are "airsofting not climbing" for the sake of something you can get in asda for about a quid? ;)


    If you've done any first aid coarse, you'll know what should be in your kit in that regard, if you haven't done one try to get yourself on a basicone with st andrews or st johns etc, about three hours and £20 is the norm, but till you've done one you really should only carry stuff for you or you might end up doing more harm than good. I'm not saying don't try to help, just not to try something you've never been trained to do unless its the very last resort.


    What you should have in a personal kit is:


    Your Meds if you take any or have alergies.

    plasters/tape and pads you know you're not allergic to and super glue if you prefer that- that is not an OR its an AND SG works great on cuts that aren't bleeding too much and have a flap of skin to bond back together but if you're dealing with a graze getting the stuff to dry into a crust without glueing twigs or clothes etc to yourself it is a PITA and even then you'll probably have stuff stuck in the skin you won't want glued in, just stick a plaster or pad on till you can get back to the safe zone/home etc to clean it properly.

    vinyl gloves espesially if you're alergic to latex- some first aiders might still have the old latex gloves in their kit and even if your allergy is minor those gloves are going were you're hurt then the wound will be dressed, and it will itch like hell.


    IMO, that's all you need, you might want a blanket and a triangular bandage if you want to be sure, but mostly everything else the site first aiders will be carrying, and besides which almost everything else you'll need to get help with- it is possible to tie a knot behind your head one handed with a broken shoulder, but it is so not fun.


  3. Just binned a couple of threads, both pretty much the same thing. If it isn't a review, don't post it here.


    This includes but is not limited to:

    • Asking for reviews of a particular product/
    • Posting that you intend to do a review.
    • Speculative reviews IE reviews made up based on how much you want something,


    Anything posted in here that's not a straight review will be binned. Possibly with no further explanation other than warning points for whoever posted it.

  4. RS pics are fine in the capacity off asking what parts are needed to replicate the gun in airsoft, but the magpul thread had few of those and many look-what-I-got-on-my-lead-chucker posts.


    I'm not sure there's much point in re-opening or starting a new one- mostly everyone with a masada has posted it in the masada thread and pretty much all the other magpul bits have to go on an armacolt anyway.(unless you really want pictures of magazines with rubber loops on and molle speed threaders...)

  5. What is it with the report button? Must be broken so l4by decided to post instead.


    Anyway, this is the whole point of the review section, so that rather than posting a new thread in tech or general etc, someone can ask in here in the threads that are already there.


    The differences between the clones and the originals are in this case minimal, mostly just slightly rougher cast parts and paint, and in this case a pretty poor air seal so they stuck in a stronger spring to compensate.

  6. It shouldn't hang in any browser, it should just pop up a tiny 404 in place of the exchange rates in the side bar, but if you are getting hang-ups do as rob suggests down at the bottom change the skin to "without sidebar". It looks weird for a while but you get used to it and pretty much everything in the side bar is only one or two clicks up top anyway.

  7. @Sandman: WRONG thread!

    ...and please remove the "beware of the dangerous toy" sticker from your blaster! :tongue2:

    <_< Only storm troopers use blasters, that is an M4.


    If you think something is in the wrong thread etc, report it or PM a mod, telling the person who posted it won't help in 99% of cases.


    I'd like to take the opportunity here remind everyone to suggest how to fix things you see wrong rather than just shouting about them being wrong.

  8. Hedganian. that would have been me.


    You weren't PMed cos no-one else who's had a sig taken down by me ever has been. When someone has a huge sig, its going bye-bye, consultation would just delay that.


    Rhino: his signature was some text about something, a quote, some more text then 4 userbars, end result being a sig about 3 or 4 times the length of yours.

  9. To the best of my knowledge arnies(both as a website and as individual moderators) has received no payment, comps or discount outside the review samples and information which Fareast receives. Feel free to continue any discussion along that line in the news thread on ICS real steel parts, but in here a little less conversation a little more pictures please.

  10. Another FAQ to help things run smooth


    <b>There's no thread for my gun</b>

    Have a look and see if there's a thread on something very similar, including but not limited too: B&T Mp5s in the HK thread or Lr300s and sr25s in the Armalite thread.

    Also please post your sniper rifles in the thread in the snipers haven, and your support weapons in the appropriate thread in the foxhole


    <b>The thread I want to post my pictures in is locked</b>

    If its over 100 pages long then its entirely possible that a new version has been started, if not have a look back in case there's something similar.


    <b>I want to ask someone a question about something in a locked thread</b>

    PM them, most of our members are quite friendly, and those that bite are fully vaccinated.


    <b>I want to start a thread for X there isn't one and doesn't fit in anything else</b>

    PM a moderator.


    <b>I'm still not sure</b>

    PM Misfit, or any other member of the moderating team.

  11. *Ahem*


    This isn't some space-saving effort or a decision to bin the picture threads simply because someone doesn't agree with their usefulness.


    (well you did ask...)



    Marlowe's working on the FAQ to go along with the shiney new sections, to explain how they'll be used more efficiently than the one big lump approach in the mean time if you join the chatroom you can put forward any suggestions you might have.

  12. Darklite, yes but in order to assemble the gun legally you would have to have some way to be able to prove you're a skirmisher to avail yourself of the defence, and that would mean you could import it legally fully assembled - customs might even ask for proof you're a skirmisher when they get the package containing most of a realistic imitation in any case.

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