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  1. RS pics are fine in the capacity off asking what parts are needed to replicate the gun in airsoft, but the magpul thread had few of those and many look-what-I-got-on-my-lead-chucker posts. I'm not sure there's much point in re-opening or starting a new one- mostly everyone with a masada has posted it in the masada thread and pretty much all the other magpul bits have to go on an armacolt anyway.(unless you really want pictures of magazines with rubber loops on and molle speed threaders...)
  2. What is it with the report button? Must be broken so l4by decided to post instead. Anyway, this is the whole point of the review section, so that rather than posting a new thread in tech or general etc, someone can ask in here in the threads that are already there. The differences between the clones and the originals are in this case minimal, mostly just slightly rougher cast parts and paint, and in this case a pretty poor air seal so they stuck in a stronger spring to compensate.
  3. It shouldn't hang in any browser, it should just pop up a tiny 404 in place of the exchange rates in the side bar, but if you are getting hang-ups do as rob suggests down at the bottom change the skin to "without sidebar". It looks weird for a while but you get used to it and pretty much everything in the side bar is only one or two clicks up top anyway.
  4. Only storm troopers use blasters, that is an M4. If you think something is in the wrong thread etc, report it or PM a mod, telling the person who posted it won't help in 99% of cases. I'd like to take the opportunity here remind everyone to suggest how to fix things you see wrong rather than just shouting about them being wrong.
  5. look in the 50 or so armalite threads (cheers for that renegade).
  6. Same as if you wanted to refer to a man named Richard IE you're *fruitcage*ed.
  7. In short Arnie's been fixing things so there's a bit of trouble now instead of lots later.
  8. yay I survived another year.

  9. To ad to Askey's request that y'all quit it Don't post in this thread unless you have one or more motivational posters to share.
  10. cazboab

    M40A1 Picture Thread

    What he said with bells on
  11. Uh, on my Para version the thread is 14mm counter-clockwise just like my other AEGs.
  12. While I really would like to see actual evidence of the 417 in good honest sticky British mitts, yeah, back on topic the lot of yer or I'll lock this and bum you in the gob.
  13. On the bright side I feel totally vindicated in not reading any of DC's newer stuff now.
  14. Hedganian. that would have been me. You weren't PMed cos no-one else who's had a sig taken down by me ever has been. When someone has a huge sig, its going bye-bye, consultation would just delay that. Rhino: his signature was some text about something, a quote, some more text then 4 userbars, end result being a sig about 3 or 4 times the length of yours.
  15. Your last few posts were in sections were posts don't count towards your total.
  16. To the best of my knowledge arnies(both as a website and as individual moderators) has received no payment, comps or discount outside the review samples and information which Fareast receives. Feel free to continue any discussion along that line in the news thread on ICS real steel parts, but in here a little less conversation a little more pictures please.
  17. Its one of the standard wordpress templates, really when you look at it airsoft news looks the same only in a different colour..
  18. Another FAQ to help things run smooth <b>There's no thread for my gun</b> Have a look and see if there's a thread on something very similar, including but not limited too: B&T Mp5s in the HK thread or Lr300s and sr25s in the Armalite thread. Also please post your sniper rifles in the thread in the snipers haven, and your support weapons in the appropriate thread in the foxhole <b>The thread I want to post my pictures in is locked</b> If its over 100 pages long then its entirely possible that a new version has been started, if not have a look back in case
  19. *Ahem* This isn't some space-saving effort or a decision to bin the picture threads simply because someone doesn't agree with their usefulness. (well you did ask...) Marlowe's working on the FAQ to go along with the shiney new sections, to explain how they'll be used more efficiently than the one big lump approach in the mean time if you join the chatroom you can put forward any suggestions you might have.
  20. Darklite, yes but in order to assemble the gun legally you would have to have some way to be able to prove you're a skirmisher to avail yourself of the defence, and that would mean you could import it legally fully assembled - customs might even ask for proof you're a skirmisher when they get the package containing most of a realistic imitation in any case.
  21. The news forum is set to default by the order threads were started, so old stuff doesn't come back up to the top all the time. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, you'll see a bunch of pulldown menus one of those says "order: topic started", change that to "order: last post" and click "go" and it'll go back to normal. hover over previews would be nice, but in the age of tabbed browsing not really essential and would probably mean another chunk of custom code to be re-worked when the forum software is upgraded.
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