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    SCAR Pictures

    Put 'em in the FN thread.
  2. 3rd time lucky Post your pictures of yourself in here.
  3. When I bought my ACM acog(the version with no backup sights, not the NSN) it worked out at half the price of the G&P one. The scope itself works pretty good, decent eye relief so you can use it with goggles on, doesn't fog up etc, but the base/peep hole needed filing and I had to drill holes for it to line up right inside my carry handle, the rail grabber its on work great if you want to use it low on the rail though.
  4. This link should fix it if the dropdown options don't show up. If you've got a bunch of links under the first post you're in outline, not linear, since linear is standard and shows everything.
  5. I'm sure its possible, but the problem I see is that anyone who's fixated on post count will just look at the join date or member number if we make post counts invisible so someone down the line will want those made invisible too and before long we'll be posting anonymously with only you and mods being able to see who posted what .
  6. The left hand bar has been gone since the forum upgrade, as far as I know, it will be back as soon as Arnie gets time to re-do/convert it to fit with this version of the forum software.
  7. Okay so obviously I'm not really qualified to comment on comics cos I don't read many... but I can't help noticing the flaws in how they're translated into film, just on the biggest two out recently Spiderman 3 and Superman Returns I could write about 10 volumes of "things Sam Rami should not have done" and slightly less on superman, cos I have to admit, even though there aren't any actual villains for superman to fight its a pretty decent movie. Spidey shoehorned in enough villains(who had actual powers and could actually hurt Spidey, not just a rock) that you forget who's in it until they'r
  8. Had a look there, and no, Blazer's blog looks proper broken, not just set to draft(and if it were she'd be able to see stuff in it anyway). instead of displaying the header and calander Like stealthie's it shows a solid white page of empty.
  9. Technically, number 7. Ridge Racer 7. I remember playing the first ones back in school so I was thinking , that but with PS3 shiny polish. Its not. Maybe its just me but I remember having to time the turn and dab the brakes to powerslide the car now it seems that Namco have simplified that and the method used to powerslide is now "the left stick"(or tilt the pad if you set it that way). Every single Odin-forsaken turn is a powerslide, in fact I found it possible to travel in pretty much a straight line sideways if I wanted too. While on RR, I have to admit this one passed me by for about 5
  10. First let me say, if you don't get the title, congratulations, you probably have a life. I'll do my best to warn you when I'm about to ramble on about something like, how much quicker (and with ironically less bloodshed)Frank would have dealt with the Joker than Bruce - its quite obvious and short this time . So yeah, I finally decided to make a blog. Before I'd always kinda assumed that anyone who really wanted my badly thought out misconceived ill-informed opinion would just ask. But my opinion is that anyone who wants my opinion should probably be certified, so it probably wouldn't be
  11. IMO it would work better as an opt in system, not the default, as while the majority of users would know how it worked there would still be a significant number or new users or folk who didn't read the updates (there are still folk who don't know the rep system is gone for instance). If someone's away for a month clearing out their inbox starting from the oldest messages would cause problems too, say for instance person X posts a thread selling an AEG, and person Y pms them an offer, unfortunately X gets stuck working on a boat for 12 weeks when they thought they were only on for 3, and g
  12. It might not be a great idea to have that set as default, since its entirely possible that many members (especially new ones) wouldn't know, combine this with the seemingly recent increase in con artists, and you have some real problems E.G. someone joins, buys something off the forums, doesn't receive it and waits a week or two, we all know what parcelfarce are like, maybe his cheque took a few days to clear etc, or something, then posts asking for help and looks in his inbox for the evidence but the PM with the details in has vanished. Alternatively you could just bin your old mail an
  13. Sounds like a DNS problem, Contact your service provider's help line and inform them of the problem first. A quick fix/test when it happens is use "" in the address bar in place of "www.arniesairsoft.co.uk" EG the adress bar to this topic would read: '' you'll probably have to log in again since cookies won't transfer over. If you get arnies to load on the IP its definitely a dns fault. More long term (and less hassle in the long run if it happens frequently and your service provider doesn't fix it) is simply to set
  14. Two ways, off the top of my head Megatron and Soundwave didn't need to Create or destroy Mass to shrink. Tighter Molecular bonds- molecules are like gassey cloud things, that sortof float next to each other, instead of floating next to each other the floated inside each other, taking up less space. They didn't destroy or create mass, they just didn't use all of it all the time, they sent the extra back/forward/sideways in time.
  15. This flap/codpiece. See Polarclaw isn't actually in the movie(at least not that I know of), but that look of shear terror fits nicely.
  16. Clanfalcon brought his to section 8 today- Indeed much more than 260FPs, also MAG plastic midcap mags seemed to fit fine.
  17. Try this list of servers on quakenet Jim , best try the yankee ones first, connect to the servers rather than irc.quakenet.org or type "/server example.quakenet.org"*. Some servers limit the geographic areas that they accept connections from because generally if you try to connect from very far away you get a slow, laggy connection. However the irc.quakenet domain redirects to the first server that returns a ping, which would sorta suggest that you'd have a better connection although not always the case. *The first person to post saying they get time-outs from example.quakenet
  18. The ICS mech will only work properly in an ICS receiver, due to the way the forward assist works, how the stock attaches and the fact its actually very slightly longer than a marui mech (or copy thereof). You can get the same features by fitting a PCG pro-win gearbox, although the gearbox costs $230 and there's a lot of work involved.
  19. Fareast you've taken the wrong bit off dude. Pop the sliding stock off the tube by pulling down on the rocker and take the end off the tube by undoing the screw revealed inside the last notch for the stock, look inside the tube and down the end you'll see a screw. Undo this and the widget that fits inside the gap on the back of the receiver and attaches by the flat head screw comes off the other end, this is the bit you fiddle with to screw a TM style tube on.
  20. Don't worry catman we all know you're a smeghead without looking at your rep.
  21. Okay, Part of the internet magics of IRC doesn't always work, the xombo domain is dependant on the host of xombo's website so connecting to irc.xombo.com doesn't work if the website is out for any reason cos it won't redirect you to the server, irc.arniesairsoft.co.uk points to irc.xombo.com too so any problem you experience connecting to xombo with mIRC or trillian etc will more than likely occur with the java ap as well. However typing "/server" in any IRC client should solve this problem, assuming the server is actually running.
  22. If it bugs you that much use firefox with the "adblock plus" plug in.
  23. No it am not but the DNS is. Connect your 3rd party client to or if you use java type "/server"
  24. Your rep bar looks different cos its not got the + and - buttons on either side, cos giving yourself rep would just be silly. The warning system is a separate entity, only you and the mods can see your warn record which is why you can't see anyone elses. To give a rep point you click on the box to the side of someone's rep bar with the + on it for a positive rep, and the box with the - for a negative rep. If you don't have + and - buttons something's gone runny in the forums magic.
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