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  1. "Nuetral" reps would just really be a way of commenting on reps other than your own, wich is IMO going to leed to more people canceling reps, or "mercy rep", now call me heartless, but its not the place of the comunity at large to cancel rep, if a rep is unfounded or offencive, contact a mod, have them cancel it or delete it, that way the cancel is official and folk will beleive it more readily.

  2. Hehe :P Theres probably no need to change the forwarder, at least not yet, the one we're on just now has a few advantages and dissadvantages compared to the dedicated arnies server, the first and foremost being that as its a network not a single server, that works both for and against us in that users should be connected to there nearest(geographicly) possible server and any crashes would only disconect a few users untill the client they use finds another sutable server to work from, but there are a lot more users connected to darkmyst than just the relativly low number of folk in #airsoft ,this means that common nicknames such as Dave and even Gene are already taken and registered by other users, on Marcus' server the user would be allowed to use the nick untill such time as the person who registered it connects , on darmyst they can only use it for 60 seconds.

  3. This seems very simmilar to what happened here


    where arn said

    When I quote stuff it's "as is" when I get the email, so whatever is quoted is what was said. I do it specifically like that so that you can see if there's an error on my part or if it's something someone really did say.


    Basicly he copy and pastes prices from the E-mails, so its not his fault when they are wrong.

  4. Sometimes all mods are on and sometimes none are on. But I do notice how G_R is always on. ;)

    If he is made a global, I will hold you personally responsible for each and every time he points it out on IRC, MSN, at skirmishes and every time I notice the little blue badge below his avatar. :P

    Is Gene one? I don't know anymore!?!

    No he's an operator on the chatroom.

  5. Heh atleast your career doesn't lie with tetra pac --'


    [edit] For those who don't know who tetra pac are they do milk bottles/cartons

    I can think of several forum members whos picture might be on one, would that count? :P


    Anyway to buisness, Some folk for some reason seem to think that they can say what the want in the Arnies Chatroom, because theres no actual record kept, or because they feel they have a right to "free speech". This is mostly correct, however there are a few exeptions and, I'll list them(and these have all happened) now in no particular order:

    Anything designed to cause offence to another member purely because your bored(EG "I hope london is bombed again").

    Direct insults to the Admin, Operators, Moderators or general population of chat (EG "you'r all hippocrits", yes with that spelling.), Okay fair enough a one-off gets you warned for this, and assuming you didnt call someone a particularly offensive name, just because you're being proved wrong in a discussion, it will probably be taken light heartedly.

    Anything an Admin, Operator, moderator Or the majority of the general population have asked you not to discuss, Or anything that would NEVER be allowed on the forums For instance, if it were relevent to a converstion on chat Ballistic properties would be Allowed, but not Encoraged, whereas asking for help to remove an orange flash hider, upgrade an airsoft replica beyond the limits for your location (trust me, we can check.) or asking for assistance in Illeagle activities (such as "where would i get Chemical X to make pyrotechnic device Y").


    The rules on the Chat guideline/entry page are vauge,(I think) for the simple reason that its better to use Judgement in each case rather than have a blanket rule for all situations as on the forums. The blanket rules work on the Forum because you can Edit what you say, so theres no excuse for leaveing something you said in the heat of the moment on veiw.


    Also for reference, if one operator bans you, its very unlikely telling the others this will be enough to have the ban removed. Marlowe, Myself Dave and Greebo_brat all have the exact same privilages in the chatroo, and as such, we would be very cautios about over ruleing a desision by any of the others. AFAIK only Marcus and Arnie have anything more in practice, or if we were asked by a Global Moderator to reveiw the reasons for someone being banned, we will, but untill such times as its agreed that a ban is unfair, there is little to no chance of any Op overturning it.


    please note these are my own personal veiws and they do not constitute any "official" announcement. anyone quoteing this post as rules for chat will be Cockdropped.

  6. I'm going to keep doing it because you posted in Glaswegian.


    Rant: People posting in Dialects and Accents...


    Especially when Chavs do it.



    end rant.


    ranting rant for Caz's sake.


    Knobhead :D .


    It wasent Glaswegian, it was the two lighthouse keepers in "chewin the fat" (no tmant lighthouses in glasgow)


    Also Calling me a chav wont get you back into IRC anytime soon :P .

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