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  1. I tryed to post in this thread and got this already in the reply window: I havn't got a scooby doo how that happened, and I've never seen those quotes before. EDIT come to think of it yes I have seen them, but didn't pay any attention to them...
  2. Oh dear... if you search the off topic forum, there was a thread long ago devoted pretty much to just this, however, as 90% of the folk interested were teenage boys, it rather quickly decended into porn and was locked. Still, you might get some sympathy out of it...
  3. Boy you are just whoring that pic out today huh?
  4. I was gonna dance on its grave, but quiet is good.
  5. And so, another thread nears the end of its usefull life...
  6. Hippy they are full of glass and lasserations, not toys and candy.
  7. my joint responce to both & "Aye, that'll be right "
  8. I didn't even realise the Recent threads scroller was missing untill a few weeks ago.
  9. Well as darkmyst is hopefully a temporary measure only CC, the FAQ would only need to be changed again in the near future. Besides wich Arnie has kindly redirected java applett to darkmyst.
  10. You do need shims when changeing the bushings, or else the gears mesh unevenly and wear out faster.
  11. There are also a few folk with expletives in there profiles.
  12. "Nuetral" reps would just really be a way of commenting on reps other than your own, wich is IMO going to leed to more people canceling reps, or "mercy rep", now call me heartless, but its not the place of the comunity at large to cancel rep, if a rep is unfounded or offencive, contact a mod, have them cancel it or delete it, that way the cancel is official and folk will beleive it more readily.
  13. What sort of error message does it give? If you run MS java(not sun thougheven though its the real java ) you should be able to use the java app on www.darkmyst.org
  14. web ap fill in the nickname, channel is #airsoft (it wont work without the hash) server is irc.darkmyst.org. Its a bit basic, but it works.
  15. Is That a Makarov Oposite the Luger?
  16. Hehe Theres probably no need to change the forwarder, at least not yet, the one we're on just now has a few advantages and dissadvantages compared to the dedicated arnies server, the first and foremost being that as its a network not a single server, that works both for and against us in that users should be connected to there nearest(geographicly) possible server and any crashes would only disconect a few users untill the client they use finds another sutable server to work from, but there are a lot more users connected to darkmyst than just the relativly low number of folk in #airsoft ,this
  17. I have the login details, but the server is actually offline.
  18. If you miss the random rude folk you can always ask on #narshe for Del...
  19. Its "vote for Reform" Like this
  20. Nice gear, but maybe you should have posted it all in one thread?
  21. This seems very simmilar to what happened here where arn said Basicly he copy and pastes prices from the E-mails, so its not his fault when they are wrong.
  22. hey, I'm not mean. *kicks Samm in the shins*
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