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  1. from the pics the sling furniture should fit *albatross* well as possibly the flash hider. its just possible that the barrel and its plastic in-the-hangaurd bit would fit but if it did it would need some severe choping to let the battery in but without bout to "experiment*" on i cant tell.




    *rip to tiny bits

  2. My L85 only has the single FA-MAS style guide slot.

    thats weird :huh: mine definetly has one either side with "wings"- i was on a break from swapping my v6 parts back for the academy ones when i posted. maybe academy have different parts in different batches? I know mine was the one academy supplied cos it took me 10 minutes of turning and fiddling to figure out that the big silver "screw" was just an anti-tamper bolt. :P


    Darklite: you dont need the m16 hop for 1j (although I haven't skirmished mine yet -ask again on monday) and with a 1j/m100 Id be thinking of putting in a FAMAS eg560 motor as i really doubt the academy has the oomph to turn it over- I'm not saying it wont but it might not.


    the simplest option on upgrades(IE what I've done :P ) is to swap the spring and the metal lump that the piston head screws onto with the stock TM ones, and to cut out the two bumps on the hand guard that stop an 8.4 volt battery from fitting- you might also need to file the black plastic bit at the forward end of the hand guard but the easier option is to take a screwdriver and remove the black plastic latch- then use tape to hold the case shut. (NB- mini bats would also work and wouldn't need any cutting/removing- just use the adaptor that you use for your charger -or swap the connector if your more adventurous)- the academy gears should hold a stock TM spring . M16 mag conversion, well ive thought about it and come to the conclusion that it might be possible BUT the academy mags would rattle about in the mag well a little bit more than id like- if they would work at all- and since the hicaps are available now its a redundant measure unless you have a huge stack of M16 mags

  3. V2/3 may work (hell it did for sid) but V6 gears DO NOT WORK Neither will the piston- the v6 gears are very slightly different to the acadamy gears, this means that the gears do fit but they lock in and dont turn. the academy gears seem okay for a stock tm spring(in all 30 minuites/300 rounds ive put through mine) but the MP5 FTK would seem the way to go for 328+/- fps


    on guide slots: if the famas only has one then the piston is useless in an L85(well mine anyway) as the piston in the l85 has two guide slots with "wings" on the back end.

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