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  1. Cheers, Answered my question on how well the wood kit would fit (must be a joke in thre somewhere). All I have to do now is wait for RSOV to restock.
  2. Thanks for the review! I shall be interested to hear how you get on in the next few weeks with your new pride and joy. Just out of interest, what kind of sling are you using?
  3. Me in the spiderhole at Firefight Scotland Photocredit to the Reverend Scapegoat.
  4. How do you think I got my stomach!
  5. Sounds like 2 OD and 2 Dessert for me then!
  6. Does it come in O/D? (And Dessert subdued!)
  7. Here we go: ICS M4A1 with Samuri C33 RIS front grip and Opti Mate 90 sight
  8. Crazy Harry is right, Err on the side of caution, do not import anything illegal into the UK. Delivery form Cold Steel is usualy pretty fast with a pre-declared customs form, usualy stating the contents as "cutlery" even when it contained my tomahawk! Edit to add: Cold Steel am Bestest!
  9. For what its worth, Cold Steel do training versions, ie rubber, of four of their most popular military Knives: http://www.coldsteel.com/92r10d.html I only noticed this after they sent my order in January!
  10. Carl Schliefer (SP?) survival knife, used to live on my webbing now consigned to the bottom of my tool box. Cold Steel Kobun Tanto, sharp as heck and very rigid, Cold Steel Pro-lite Tanto point serrated folder, a grat pocket knife. Somewhere in the garage is my Sykes-Fairbairn Commando pattern dagger, useless for anything other than stabbing.
  11. Good Service ! They did not have one of the bits I had ordered and let me know right there and then by email! Asked me if I wanted to wait or wanted a split delivery, then emailed me when it was dispatched. If you go in person, the shop is a little difficult to find (above the tea shop!). Very friendly and helpful folks. It just doesn't do my Bank Ballance any good when I go through.
  12. Speaking as a Newbie (Or FNG) Here, I do not even try and read the "text" speak queries on here. It is a target rich enough environment without having to wade through Dweeb speak! Ducks under overhead cover, checks ammo state and calls in pre registered artillery support.
  13. Thanks HS, It also made up my mind to get one. Should be able to pop through and pick it up in two weeks.
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