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  1. Lawl, why did you remove your picture? That is rust, the top cover is a real Romanian
  2. Noveske: Great job! That Chibi-K does look really practical
  3. Well, they might wobble a bit, but I have had no missfeeds!
  4. I've used them with a VFC - no problemo
  5. Only choose a VFC over a RS if you're going for some kind of impression... The quality of the real sword parts are better than most real AK parts that I own..
  6. I'm sure that it functions just fine, but as you said, it's ugly!
  7. Thanks guys! adadqgg: Well, the FSB I have is not the same as that one, mine has 24mm-threads But yeah, it can be done: kojak: That does look quite good actually, but I think you should get some other type of rail
  8. Wow, that's beautiful! Now I might have to get a KJW/Tanaka
  9. Wow, just wow. Now I want an AR.. These are the ones I have at the moment: Lol
  10. Welded a silencer for it and made a grip out of teak Now it's actually quite comfortable to use
  11. And here I was feeling special for owning a TSL-03... Looking damn good!
  12. The only AK with a wire-folder I remember seeing in that movie was Jr's shorty, but that was gold-plated Hm, that would be nice
  13. Lol, boobs My AK, same partslist as before but now with Polish wood and a Romanian topcover
  14. That is just a regular one cut down to fit.. I'm not going to comment the stock
  15. Well, it's not entirely accurate to the real thing, but yeah, want. Ivan: looking good! Do you get co-witness with that mount?
  16. I got it from the US It was $160.. Totally worth it!
  17. IIRC the hole in the milled receiver is smaller, therefore it won't be as solid installed on a stamped one.
  18. You have a stamped reciever, so yeah They also come in different lengths
  19. Bwahaha! I got it from another forum, the guy had 5 of them. They sold out quickly I had to buy the gun afterwards.. I don't know about IR, I guess you could modify it.
  20. Hah, I bet there's nothing wrong with it, but why?! When I say that I have tried, that means that I've only asked one guy and he said no. I just need to try harder!
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