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  1. thartwig

    WE XDM

    Well, i know youre in the UK but evike has frames with the internals for ~50 (less with coupons codes) and hopefully they get parts in soon since they seem to be stocking WE parts for other pistols and GBBRs
  2. thartwig

    WE XDM

    I know what youre both talking about, and youre talking about different things. I have the xdm 3.8, my compact mag came with that plastic bit which i believe is meant for dry firing without holding down the slide catch. Now the issue with the slide lock disengaging when you put in a new mag is due to the catch not being flush with either the slide or frame. Because of this i think it just barely engages the slide keeping it back, so when its slightly knocked ie when you put in a new mag it moves out of place allowing the slide to move back into battery. Check if yours has any horizontal movem
  3. If i were to guess, i would bet that Aplus just removed the finish of the original barrel and polished/ cleaned it up one way or another. So the looser fit makes sense... to me at least.
  4. Ya the fixed stock version isnt bad at all, no worse than a G36.
  5. agreed, however i had only put a few hundred rounds through, it was still a bit unexpected
  6. thartwig

    WE XDM

    You hit a human head sized bucket at 50m or 15m 9/10 times?
  7. completely stock, i was gonna wait for something to break before tearing into the gearbox, i just didnt think it was going to be this quick! lol
  8. My spur gear died today, and one of the teeth on the pinion gear has chipped. Just got a nice huge lipo (11.1v) and was testing and it started to make the most horrible screeching sound. Fortunately everything else was fine. My internals, such as the nozzle and piston head werent beat up like yours. I dont think the gears look all that great they have an odd finish compared to something like XYT which ill be replacing my spur with. Other than that i have to say the internals arent bad.
  9. very little is steel (or ferrous) on the QP. Parts i found that were steel are the trigger guard, the sling points, the body screws, and the back handguard holder (dunno the technical name).
  10. threads on yours are ccw, right? looking to replace my hideous orange birdcage flashhider
  11. Mine came today! It pretty nice for acm, im happily surprised. Its also very light weight, body is aluminum?? On yours does the charging handle stay back when the bolt is locked back or can the charging handle still slide forward?
  12. this is exactly what i was looking for, thanks for making this! Out of curiosity has you tried modding KA mags to fit, or is there just no way?
  13. does anyone know anything about the beta project ebb MOE m4??????

  14. thartwig

    The Ugly Stick

    if i didnt know any better i would have that that was supposed to be a type 05 replica (although not very accurate)
  15. Loving the look of ATACS

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