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  1. thartwig

    WE XDM

    Well, i know youre in the UK but evike has frames with the internals for ~50 (less with coupons codes) and hopefully they get parts in soon since they seem to be stocking WE parts for other pistols and GBBRs
  2. thartwig

    WE XDM

    I know what youre both talking about, and youre talking about different things. I have the xdm 3.8, my compact mag came with that plastic bit which i believe is meant for dry firing without holding down the slide catch. Now the issue with the slide lock disengaging when you put in a new mag is due to the catch not being flush with either the slide or frame. Because of this i think it just barely engages the slide keeping it back, so when its slightly knocked ie when you put in a new mag it moves out of place allowing the slide to move back into battery. Check if yours has any horizontal movement. I havent attempted to fix it as I find it to be a minor problem. Do let us know though
  3. thartwig

    KJ-Works KP-09: CZ-75 Custom Engraved Version

    If i were to guess, i would bet that Aplus just removed the finish of the original barrel and polished/ cleaned it up one way or another. So the looser fit makes sense... to me at least.
  4. thartwig

    WE XDM

    You hit a human head sized bucket at 50m or 15m 9/10 times?
  5. thartwig

    The Ugly Stick

    if i didnt know any better i would have that that was supposed to be a type 05 replica (although not very accurate)

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