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    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    well, I'm heading to bed after a VERY long AUG day. big game in two days and I tried to work out all of its problems and upgrade it. I've worked out many gliches, and upgraded it, And I have only one problem left. Since I don't really understand how the trigger assembly works I thought I could ask here: the mechbox doesn't end its cycle at the right spot (one o'clock, when the air nozzle is fully extended), instead it continues a bit, and withdraws the air nozzle. as a result, there is a very big power loss, and lots of feeding problems. on full auto it stops at a random spot. I've fitted an active-breaking MOSFET, and it doesn't help much. (it's a CA aug, now fitted with element 300% torque gears but I think it had the same problem with its stock gears for the last month) Does anybody have an Idea why this happens? Or can point me to a guide/diagram how the trigger works, especially the part where on semi it should stop at 1 o'clock? Thanks, Erez

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