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  1. Nice gun, What's the bottom Pen please?
  2. garry

    CZ Picture Thread

    P-09. These things are great - one of the best gbb's I've ever tried tbh.
  3. Thanks for the info buddy.....
  4. Does anyone answer questions on this forum anymore?
  5. I don't know much about AA tbh - are they generally any good?
  6. garry

    WE XDM

    Bronze slide...
  7. Not really a Glock fan at all, but depending on the final price, this may be worth a punt.
  8. Whilst not faithful to the RS, I kinda like it. Will deffo get one when they finally arrive I think.
  9. garry

    Korth .45

    Slide sounds normal on mine tbh. What I like is the steel parts pre fitted, not the usual rubbish that wears out.
  10. garry

    Korth .45

    Not the mags mate, but most of the lower is TM compatible - the mags are actually very nicely made and have a venting system to ensure a complete fill. It's nicely made and they've even fitted a steel hammer, valve knocker and sear as standard, instead of the usual cheese.....😊
  11. garry

    Korth .45

    Brilliant gun... Anyone else have one yet?
  12. garry

    G&G GTP-9

    Sorry late reply. It's holding up fine and probably the most accurate gbb I own. Not sure about holsters, as I just use a universal one. Great pistol though imo.
  13. garry


    ..So that's about 10,000 rounds before failure then? There are a lot of airsoft pistols that don't last that long.
  14. garry

    G&G GTP-9

    I think the carbine is out in the next few weeks.
  15. garry

    G&G GTP-9

    It's like a combo of Glock, Sig & HK. I think it's a breath of fresh air. Tbh, I'm fed up with the same old, same old offerings. This is a looker and handles like a dream - RS based or not.
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