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  1. garry

    Detonator slide PX4

    Gents, I bought one of these months ago, and may FINALLY fit it at the w/e. Now, to save me scratching me bonce, can anyone point me in the right direction as to where some of the extra bits go? One part is obvious, as is the extractor - but what about the others? I'm sure some of guys will have fitted one of these in the past. Cheers for any pointers..... http://gunshop-tactics2.com/Tactics2/item.cgi?item_id=DET-SL-PX401BK&ctg_id=DETONATOR&page=3
  2. garry

    G&G GTP-9

    Sorry late reply. It's holding up fine and probably the most accurate gbb I own. Not sure about holsters, as I just use a universal one. Great pistol though imo.
  3. garry


    ..So that's about 10,000 rounds before failure then? There are a lot of airsoft pistols that don't last that long.
  4. garry

    G&G GTP-9

    I think the carbine is out in the next few weeks.
  5. garry

    G&G GTP-9

    It's like a combo of Glock, Sig & HK. I think it's a breath of fresh air. Tbh, I'm fed up with the same old, same old offerings. This is a looker and handles like a dream - RS based or not.
  6. garry

    G&G GTP-9

    I may have to get one of these providing the price is not silly...
  7. garry

    G&G GTP-9

    Green gas is fine mate. Very nice recoil.
  8. garry

    Beretta Picture Thread

    I don't think there was mate.
  9. garry

    G&G GTP-9

    Not sure I've seen these mentioned. Brilliant gun, very accurate and well made. Tbh (imo) the build quality and solidity puts many TM's to shame. Comes in a nice case with extra back strap and a (good quality) speed loader.
  10. garry

    King Arms Colt Single Action

    I'd be interested in an update as well tbh..
  11. garry

    SIG Picture Thread

    Thanks mate. They are hydro dipped, then coated in 2k matt clear coat. Takes a couple of hours per pair, but worth it imo.
  12. garry

    Beretta Picture Thread

    Hi mate. It's a Marui US M9. The grips are the originals which I hydro dipped and then applied a 2k matt clear coat.
  13. garry

    Beretta Picture Thread

    Beretta US M9. I've refinished the oem grips and cut the barrel back. One of my fave all time guns, but never liked the protruding barrel.
  14. garry

    Beretta Picture Thread

    Damn, that box is cool!
  15. garry

    SIG Picture Thread

    P229 - Grips finished in Burr Walnut

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