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  1. just interested in those mid caps myself, my home mad hi to lo caps work but there not perfect
  2. wip rs svd, will need to refinish stock
  3. would say by the finish that it is the A&K m60 ares do not make a vietnam m60 at the moment
  4. all i can say grim is wow, your work has always been impressive and if not the best looking ak replica i;ve come across
  5. will have to keep trying the gbb versions i had in my bits box where a -14
  6. what model red dot would this be? and has anyone found a stand in outerbarrel extension with a +14 thread for the tar 21?
  7. liked the old paint job better grim
  8. i used the standard length barrel from my vfc scar light, i prefer this length myself as i noticed it in a lot of the photos i had seen of the heavy in testing, adds a nice balance in my eyes
  9. a lot of pictures the vetical grip was used i picked these just as they showed the scar off best not for handling skills
  10. you can tell we do not have real steel in ireland the guy was helping me out so not going to complain, tbh i did not notice where his thumb was until i edited the pictures tonight
  11. taken during a game day for the elcan review im doing, but shows off the scar heavy nicely
  12. one day, one day they will make one that is legal in ireland one day they will simply make one!!
  13. not deliberate more i have not had it appart yet , i don;t have a problem with ares internals other than there use of propriatory parts at times, althought this has improved and parts and even full replacement gearboxs are avalaible know without to much problem star internals where bad in the beginning but they improved, the clear gearbox did them no favours, ares where the oem producer for star and went out on there own and there internals have improved even more, i have ares m4/16 / and a few of the g36 line father has ares l1a1 never had a problem really, im limited to 1j in Ireland d
  14. humm gbb scar heavy, i have been dreaming of the same thing
  15. got mine from http://www.zahal.org/ also available on ebay
  16. m110 is rock solid, externals are amazing, gearbox is smooth need to get out next weekend to check range accuracy, review will follow after masada and we scar reviews have been finish you can still go full auto as the selector switch has a notch cut out to allow it to go past the block, personally i will be modifying the selector plate to restrict it to semi for when i go abroad and what to throw in a higher spring, went with the ares as mid caps are know easily available and the quick change spring, have star/ares m4/m16 and love the externals, some better pictures know i have a lit
  17. yep it is the vfc bipod, i was rather impressed with it, extremely solid easy to put on and off without any tools
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