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  1. Could you please list what is on that gun? It is amazing.
  2. I think that is a lite rail.. really similar the the MK18 but I like it more for some reason...
  3. Lol.. The 13 tallies.. The ALAMO???
  4. Mine is semi-permanently placed in my crane stock and it works out just fine.
  5. All a DMR in airsoft is how the gun looks...
  6. Lucky you, I had to shave down the latches on my sights in order for them to open/close.
  7. Crappy pics... All I have is a phone camera.
  8. Who actually sees the gas block besides the maker of the gun... Plus low profile gas blocks that fit inside of rails can be expensive/hard to find, and some manufactures don't even put holes in their parts for the gas tube to pass through.
  9. I just got my KA reflex sight on. I must say that it looks pretty good. Aimpoints are so mainstream
  10. Not correct Look at my picture again.
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